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Howdy Mastodon!

Engineer working for Previously I worked on Ubuntu Phone and doing multimedia/TV, almost all consumer electronics.

An Open Source advocate and Ubuntu member. Was a co-founder for Inkscape and now serve on its board.

I think that one mistake I made with my Twitter account was making it all technical, expect this to have more politics and other stuff.

Apparently the recommended way to install Tailscale on Ubuntu 20.04 is to add an apt repository:

Why don't they just replace my kernel with one they like too!?!? Don't really trust them with permanent root on my machine.

That thing where a local restaurant you love is getting really busy. And you're happy because they have good food and deserve to be popular. But you miss the short lines and laid back atmosphere.

One of the core problems with GitHub/Lab/etc is that they badly want there to be straight lines in the version trees. DVCSes are graphs, if you project that onto a 2d line you lose data. Sometimes the data lost is not significant, but you can't just throw it away all the time.

Greater Orlando LUG is having an Inkscape talk on 1/5/22 at 7p Eastern time. It is available to attend via Jitsi.

Looks good to pick up or sharpen your Inkscape skills in the new year!

If you want to make a huge impact on the world and help out Inkscape, we have a section on our website talking about ways you can help:

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Also a big thank you goes out to @ryangorley and the rest of the Vectors team for making the t-shirts happen. It's awesome.

Hope to get to the point where my entire wardrobe is Inkscape themed!

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Excited to receive my Inkscape 2021 Contributors' t-shirt! Thanks go to all the Inkscape contributors who work hard to make Inkscape great.

Pulling out of negotiations is genius. It means to prove that it was planned at the highest level of government they will have to get Trump administration leaders to testify publicly under oath. Can't executive privilege their way out of that one.

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I wonder how many educators are on here.

There were thriving communities of educators on Tumblr and Twitter, but Tumblr's went to heck after moderated hashtags went away and Twitter is ... Twitter.

The fediverse has, but that's more of an instance for college/university level academics. I'd like to connect with other K-12 educators.

Looking at my son's High School Art class for next semester and one of the first assignments is: Install Inkscape.

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Congratulations to our friends at @Blender for their release of Blender 3.0, which, according to their announcement, 'mark[s] the beginning of a new era for open source 2D/3D content creation'!

Feature video for Blender 3.0 (it's amazing!):

#b3d #artwithopensource

The Visit Plano site has a fun virtual tour of the National Video Game museum:

The museum itself's website:

Somehow I'm on the weirdest spam lists with interesting subject lines like "Worlds first Recoil Damping Sandwich!" Seems like it'd be hard on your teeth, but apparently important for offshore oil drilling.

Ordering a new UPS battery because the storm last night proved I need one.

Some things just shouldn't have the option for a gift receipt.

Took a survey where this was the employment question. Makes you think.

Completely feel this when eating at Eastern food restaurants. Usually I go with "I'd like white people spicy," which gets a laugh and close to what I want.

Hope that cell phone services can band together and require proof of vaccination to sign up for plans that include 5G. Then getting vaccinated would literally give you 5G.

Apple using multiple dies per-package could make a ton of sense for them. It allows them to get more milage out of each mask, where number of masks would normally be the downside building your own chips in different product lines.

Feel like Biden missed a moment by not making the OSHA vaccine mandate take effect on January 6th.

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