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Howdy Mastodon!

Engineer working for Axiom.co. Previously I worked on Ubuntu Phone and doing multimedia/TV, almost all consumer electronics.

An Open Source advocate and Ubuntu member. Was a co-founder for Inkscape and now serve on its board.

I think that one mistake I made with my Twitter account was making it all technical, expect this to have more politics and other stuff.

Went to go register bird.site -- and it's available!

Hmm, $2,800 per year isn't worth it. Not that funny.

Love how the pitmaster of the best BBQ in Texas didn't even know of the awards that she is winning. And that she's still the custodian at the middle school during the week. Small town Texas BBQ at its best. — dallasnews.com/life/texana/201

Hadn't heard about marketers being worried that the obsession with follower counts was leading to inauthentic interactions and hurting the impact of their influencer advertising. Has the potential to drastically change corporate social media. — marketoonist.com/2018/08/fake-

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We have just done source code release of @GIMP 2.10.6 with vertical text, async layer preview rendering, new filters, usability improvements, bugfixes, and more changes. Builds for Windows and macOS are a work in progress, will be announced separately soon!


#FOSS #photography #artwithopensource #digitalart #FreeSoftware

Got an e-mail from someone who wants to do a "sponsored post" on Mastodon. I guess that means we've either made-it or spamers are getting better.

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This wired article ( wired.com/story/join-mastodon- ) about Mastodon is mostly good. It covers the basic features and talks about a shift from Twitter to Mastodon.

It confuses one key issue though, and that’s the “culture” of Mastodon.

What we’re seeing now across the Fediverse are the first adopters. The fringe. The queer. The hackers. The staunch individualists. The communal care takers.

As Mastodon becomes more mainstream, the “culture” will shift.

If you’re here for the culture, be wary... 1/2

Sad that the mnm.social/ collectors seem to be down. I really wanted to see this latest influx of users to the Fediverse in graphs.

My son was having problems with Steam on his account and asked me to help. I sat down and popped open a terminal.

"Oh my! You can send commands directly to the computer!"

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@pomological that apple looks so interesting, I've not seen one before. Anyone tried one? What do they taste like?

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Talking with a friend I defined a "real" news source as one having an ombudsman. Looking around now I'm realizing that almost no one does anymore.

Took way too long to read and respond to a GPG'd email thread. Some of that was my fault as I forgot to migrate keys to a new machine, but just uhg.

I understand all the issues, I just want something magic.

Are there any instances on the Fediverse that are aggressively single topic? e.g. "This is a BBQ themed instance and any posts that aren't talking about making or eating BBQ will be deleted and users suspended."

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@rodneyrehm A really good (and accessible) alternative for the "original UI" is pinafore.social by @nolan . I was never a fan of Tweetdeck and the user experience on pinafore is so much - in lack of a better word - calmer

Now I kinda want to walk across the street and go to the bathroom in Sulphur Springs, Texas. — dallasnews.com/life/life/2018/

The only 'F' grades belonged to charter operators. The schools get shut down but none of the executives are liable and the state will have to try and recover those kids education. — dallasnews.com/news/education/

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And we have some pictures of a 🍭 ☁ to share!

It's an Orange Pi 2e based 🍭 ☁ with GPS, RTC, USB 3G modem and a few antennas in a Tactical Tailor Multi Purpose pouch with Anker 10,000 mAh battery pack for power.

This unit will be traveling a bit for more testing and fine tuning of our underlying Armbian configuration and more. 😁

Product pages for the curious
- https://www.tacticaltailor.com/multipurposepouch.aspx
- http://www.orangepi.org/orangepiplus2e/

(image desc: tactical tailor multi purpose pouch, orange pi 2e based lollipop cloud and anker battery pack)

Every time I think that I can abstraction something nicely using Go's interfaces I get beaten down by the lack of flexibility in its type system.

So much duplicated code could be avoided with a few more linguistic tools.