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Howdy Mastodon!

Engineer working for Previously I worked on Ubuntu Phone and doing multimedia/TV, almost all consumer electronics.

An Open Source advocate and Ubuntu member. Was a co-founder for Inkscape and now serve on its board.

I think that one mistake I made with my Twitter account was making it all technical, expect this to have more politics and other stuff.

Working with some fuzz testing and wondering if code coverage is effective a dead metric for software project tests.

Tshirts with text on them were the original memes.

According to the Snap Store there are 12 people still running the 0.92.3 snap of Inkscape. Can ya'll reach out to me? You need to upgrade, 1.2 is significantly better!

I love my transparent HTTP proxy. I have a bunch of Ubuntu machines/containers that I update and having the packages cached locally makes it much more pleasant.

I realize this is a dying method and will go away (for good reasons), but I'll miss it.

The Book of Inkscape is in the No Starch Humble Bundle!

I hear those other programs with books there are useful as well 😉

Fellow gave all the Kickstarter backers of their Ode coffee grinder free gen 2 burrs for the grinder. I got mine installed this weekend and my first regular coffee this morning, wow what a difference! Never thought I'd be excited about burrs.

My favorite part of watching sports today is the announcers trying to figure out how this particular event is "historic."

"This is the first time someone born on the third Tuesday of an even year has scored on a prime day in a Fall month!"

Neat that the Beeper folks are offering to support Open Source Matrix bridges with money to fund them. Great idea to grow the ecosystem.

If an atmosphere transitions from laminar to turbulent flow and there is no one there to see it, does a cloud form?

Feel like we need to start using SI prefixes with the Imperial system.

I want to know how many megafeet per hour something is traveling.

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Wow, I love the "FrOS" acronym way better than "FLOSS" being used at that conference.

Feel like there's room for "FrOST" -- Free and Open Source Technology.

Some people need an administrative assistant, I need a librarian.

Exciting to see this popular Organic Chemistry book become an Open Educational Resource. This starts to change the expectation for what a textbook can cost. Love the work OpenStax is doing.

IDEA: Grant proposals to the NSF should require an accounting of the Open Source software to be used and include a donation to the project in the budget.

Certainly this wouldn't solve all OSS funding woes, but it would build a culture of accounting for usage.

Looking at my Amazon order history and noticed my first purchase in 2001.

I keep my GPG Key in such a secure place I can't remember where I put it...

Learning about Linux Kernel Tracing libraries at presented by Steven Rostedt, 300 slides!

Gonna be certified to cause trouble.

Starting to find things and get ready for SCALE. Excited to learn things and see folks!

If you're gonna be in LA this weekend, make sure to reach out!

My son asked for help opening a banana. The stem side wasn't working so I opened it from the tip.

He looked at me, entirely seriously, and said: "You are a maniac. Never do that again."

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