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Howdy Mastodon!

Engineer working for Previously I worked on Ubuntu Phone and doing multimedia/TV, almost all consumer electronics.

An Open Source advocate and Ubuntu member. Was a co-founder for Inkscape and now serve on its board.

I think that one mistake I made with my Twitter account was making it all technical, expect this to have more politics and other stuff.

The section on Pascal's wager at the end of this article is a good way to understand the choices of dealing with Climate Change. Hopefully more companies start to realize they shouldn't wait for regulations to be written before getting started on planning for them. Governments move slow, but if you're not ready you'll be in an impossible situation. And, for the case of Climate Change, on an unlivable planet. —

Yes! I didn't realize the straight ticket ballots in Texas got removed, excited about this. More opportunities for candidates that don't fit in little presized boxes. —

Have some videos that I had purchased on Amazon that I'd like to download. The easiest way to get around DRM is just to play the video and record what is being played. I could do that, but not sure I want to set it all up.

Turns out that someone has done that as a cloud service. Basically for about $0.20 per video they'll spin up a cloud instance, play the video, turn it into an MPEG4 and give you a download link.

Seems to work pretty well.

Biblobus, food truck meets book store.

Wonder if that can bring books to more people. I could see it being great at school events or festivals especially.

My teenage son was complaining about a light in the bathroom being out. Seeing this as a "teachable moment" I asked: "What could you do to make the situation better?"

"Go to the bathroom in the dark?" 🤔

🙄 "Get a bulb from the cabinet and replace it. Now."

Doing a brainstorming for the Texas Linux Fest 2020 designs and I just found out that for the Dallas conference the program was done in the font Oswald.


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Playing around with Raph Levien's new curve type that he presented at the last LGM, converted to C++. Also comparing to his old spiro type. The blue dots are after conversion to cubic beziers. Where the old spiro is more like having to keep up with a higgs boson gone mad, the new type is much more stable. These curves potentially help a lot to cut down on bezier handle clutter when working with paths.

My bucket list is quite simply all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites —

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Learned something about USB-C and mistakes people make, thanks!

I realize that it is a new standard, but I am really hopeful we'll be able to have less types of cables in the future.

Feel like getting your groceries delivered is the ultimate in opulence.

But, when you've got a sick kiddo and your spouse has to work it sure makes life a ton easier.

Kids are asking about the Fourth of July parade in Washington DC:

"Why does Trump need a parade of tanks?"

"Well, when a man is really really insecure..."

Got a new standing desk and I'm generally adjusting to it. But now I'm happy that I can say: "I'm so agile I do stand-ups all day, every day"

Turned on Firefox WebRender yesterday. Everything seems fine.

about:config gfx.webrender.enabled true

Not sure how we'd compare, but it seems to me that Fuchsia is the most money spent by any company to avoid the GPL. —

I expect "Marginal Violence Theory" to gain prominence, the ability to convince governments to over react will become a key protesting tactic. —

I've now come full circle on this.

I realize that the real value is that they've set up a system that is basically a trap to get other VC's login details to their email. And a plausible reason to download and parse all of their email.

They've basically made an very efficient fishing attack on VCs by using "exclusivity" and a high price.

I think that I support this?

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Hey :inkscape:'ers, in August an official Inkscape forum will replace a couple older forums. Come register, look around and join in some vector-filled conversations:

I also want to say if you want most of these features you can just get Mailspring, it is great and Open Source.

Even available as a Snap maintained by the developers

Silicon valley has now given a $250M valuation to an email client with keyboard shortcuts.

No really.

And it is so much fast because... wait for it... it caches things locally and isn't delivered as a webpage.

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