@ted ChromeOS is a very anglo thing. Never seen anyone but me use a chromebook here

@marsxyz wow, I didn't realize.

What are most of the popular low-end laptops and tablets running?

@ted middle end ASUS / HP / acer or from bad brands like Medion.

@ted @marsxyz over here in Argentina, people just have phones. More so in the city where I live which has a population that is so dispersed that most comms are done over the air.

@sergiusens @ted yeah seem here, it isn't uncommon to have an old windows desktop for a family and everything else is done by phone nowadays.

@sergiusens @marsxyz what would a teacher expect for a student to work on a paper at home? Phone keyboard? Hand written?

@sergiusens wait, weren't the occupy folks the 99%? Ah, the Androids are occupying the Internet!!!

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