People often diminish the possibility of an electric car future because of a lack of infrastructure. But, where is the gasoline infrastructure?

Today I have to drive to a small dingy store to buy gasoline, it isn't even delivered to my house!

Gasoline cars will never catch on, there's a lack of infrastructure.

@ted electric cars are generally charged where they are parked, at home, at work, parking garages. If by infrastructure you mean putting charging stations on the street, just look at how much it costs to park a car at a metered spot! In Boston it’s like $8 for 2 hours. Cities and towns would love to put in charging stations and charge you to park all day for $200+.

@ted on the upside, luxury items for the wealthy become necessities for the rest of society. Cell phones were the domain of doctors and golfers, large color TV’s, etc...

Eventually we’ll see the demand met with some satisfaction.

@grocerybag I think that most of the criticism comes with regards to long trips. But, I think that is unfounded as it is the exception for most people not the rule.

But, yes, having more spots at shopping and other places would reduce battery size requirements, making electric cars more affordable.

I think that there'll be a critical mass where stores will want to have the spots to attract owners of electric cars (they are generally more affluent today).

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