Hadn't heard the terms 'contextual advertising' and 'behavioral advertising' used as a choice that companies make in how they serve their ads.

For me, it helps to explain the issues I have with ads. I'm not against ads, I'm against being tracked and monitored. Hopefully more companies will realize the benefits of contextual advertising.

Thanks DuckDuckGo! —

@ted I read a rather interesting blogpost from an advertiser a couple of years ago bemoaning how internet advertising had taken one small aspect of advertising - direct marketing¹ - and made it all of what people thought of as advertising.

His point was that most of the work of advertising not only doesn't need detailed behavioural models of people but that having such models is actively detrimental.

¹: ie: Hey! Would you like to buy this product?

@ted I think having all my local businesses be able to have their own websites telling me what products they sell is great.

It's great that when I search for them or the services they provide. That they come up in the results.

The line is drawn when business start trying to force themselves into my attention span.

As like if a handy man showed up at my house every day and offered to fix something. Eventually, I'd call the cops.

@lordbowlich that makes sense if you know what you want and all your problems are solved.

If you've never had Ethiopian food you'd be unlikely to search for it. But perhaps seeing an ad and noticing how good it looks would prompt you to give it a try and find something you enjoy.

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