The new "lockdown mode" on the Purism phones really bugs me.

Tried to avoid saying anything, because heck, I'm not doing it. But this is exactly the problems you start having when you don't have application confinement and lifecycle considerations built into your core.

Purism isn't building a phone, they're building a 5" portable laptop with an on-screen keyboard.

Perhaps some people want that, but I definitely don't. I expect many customers won't be impressed also.

@ted why is that not a phone (all smart phones these days are basically computers that can make a phone call)

This lockdown mode while a bit radical does make it so you can again “trust” your phone to not do something when you do not want it to do.

Purism is itself targeting a niche market with there machines that can not boot windows at all.

Similarly they try to target this market with the phone. (I just wish they were not subject to the patriot act, so I could get 1)

@sysosmaster for a few reasons.

Phones spend most of their time trying to go to sleep, which basically requires at least help, if not control over the applications. Standard desktops doesn't have that.

The lockdown mode justification starts from the fact that if GPS is on, all applications can access it constantly. That assumptions a failure on most phones. They can access it if you give them permission. You should be able to trust an Open Source phone to enforce that permission.

@ted Think of activist or journalist in oppressive regimes (or even the USA with there patriot act) that are being critical on the current regime. They might not want to make it easy for them to proof there case.

Or what if your a member of a targeted group (say a cristian in Iran) and you want to visit a church without any records to show you were there.

There can even come a time you would want a feature like this.
It is something to ponder about.


@sysosmaster what if that same state-level actor that could load software on your phone without you knowing also modified the switch to not work?

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