Silicon valley has now given a $250M valuation to an email client with keyboard shortcuts.

No really.

And it is so much fast because... wait for it... it caches things locally and isn't delivered as a webpage.

I also want to say if you want most of these features you can just get Mailspring, it is great and Open Source.

Even available as a Snap maintained by the developers

I've now come full circle on this.

I realize that the real value is that they've set up a system that is basically a trap to get other VC's login details to their email. And a plausible reason to download and parse all of their email.

They've basically made an very efficient fishing attack on VCs by using "exclusivity" and a high price.

I think that I support this?

@ted They should call it "Lightwing", a mix of lightning and wing, because it's fast like a lightning and delivers messages like bir... oh wait...

@sergiusens we can never let the VCs know of this magic!

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