Kids are asking about the Fourth of July parade in Washington DC:

"Why does Trump need a parade of tanks?"

"Well, when a man is really really insecure..."

Also it will be just a tiny parade, right? I've read about 800 soldiers will be involved, Russias Victory Day Parade in Moscow has more than 21,000...

@Sturmflut it doesn't matter, he only needs a few shots of him standing in front of some tanks for his reality show.

It was all snuck under the wire, so I imagine there were practical limitations. If people don't freak out, I'm sure it'll be larger next year.

We actually stayed up until 1AM MEST to see it on a livestream. At least on TV it was underwhelming. I've seen better during similar celebrations in other countries, and even at some random events (e.g. Tank Day in the Czech Republic was crazy)

He seemed very proud personally, but if this is supposed to be a show of military power on par with others he would have to step it up a lot next year. And throw some nukes in.

(The B-2 was cool, though. It always is.)

@Sturmflut I can't believe you stayed up for it, I don't think anyone in the US watched it other than GOP donors who got free seats.

It was more like a coincidence, 1 AM is not that late 😅

I had the feeling that he didn't even really do it for his supporters or as a marketing stunt for his re-election, but mostly for himself. As if he wanted to feel part of a glorious military he always avoided serving in

@Sturmflut I think it just comes down to his narcissistic tendencies. He wants to be there during the applause.

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