The section on Pascal's wager at the end of this article is a good way to understand the choices of dealing with Climate Change. Hopefully more companies start to realize they shouldn't wait for regulations to be written before getting started on planning for them. Governments move slow, but if you're not ready you'll be in an impossible situation. And, for the case of Climate Change, on an unlivable planet. —

I have no idea why Power-to-Fuel ("E-Fuels") for aviation and cargo ships is not a bigger thing yet.

Yes, power efficiency is still not that great, but having to build a couple more solar plants and wind parks than absolutely necessary is a small price to pay when there are no known viable alternatives.

@Sturmflut they keep claiming storage, but it seems like there are plenty of short routes that could be converted.

There are several flights a day between Dallas and Houston, not a large fuel requirement there.

Probably really comes down to resistance to change. Aviation is a pretty conservative industry.

@ted Synthetic kerosene has the same energy density as normal kerosene. Power-to-Fuel plants could actually produce synthetic jet fuel which is even better than Kerosene.

Lufthansa wants to get their fleet to 5% synthetic, carbon-neutral jet fuel by 2024. Maybe increasing demand will finally steer the market in the right direction.

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