One of the most tangible pieces of evidence that Microsoft is being run much differently today than in the past. Doesn't mean they're perfect, no corporation is, but it seems they're headed in the right direction. —

@ted OIN only covers Linux and other OIN members. Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Debian, Arch etc. are not OIN members. Microsoft handed all its good patents over to patent trolls, so they didn't bring much to the table when the joined the OIN.

Having OIN cover exFAT will benefit very few people, but put more pressure on device manufacturers to support it and thus pay royalties.

A free alternative to exFAT and not choosing patentedfile systems for industry standards (e.g. SDXC) would be much more important.

@Sturmflut or they could join OIN and put their patents in the pool too.

I doubt this really effects device manufacturers that much, there were already solid solutions without it and the purist Linus market is infinitely small.

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