Went and took a macaroons class at Bisous-Bisous in Dallas this weekend. Great class. They're delicate and tricky, but we got tons of amazing real life tips. It was also yummy. Recommend the class, and the bakery, if you're in Dallas.

The class was given by the owner and she also talked a bit about the business. One of the most interesting insights that she mentioned was how she ensures that her bakers have job satisfaction.

She points out how difficult a job making pastries can be. It is endless rolling of dough and precision work with delicate recipies. But that is all worth it when you're making something you know someone is going to enjoy. How you're going to brighten their day.

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So what she ensures as her part of that employement, is that everything you do when working for her is going to get enjoyed. Even the mistakes. Macaroons that are the wrong size get cruched up and put in ice cream. Pastries that aren't perfect go to Meals on Wheels. Everything is enjoyed by someone.

Seems like enlightened management to me.

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