@ted I really really want to believe that they are all ❤️ for linux . But there is a little thing inside of me that keeps guard up, let's call it intuition. (Also it is a corporation.) So sleeping with one eye open.

@frd sure, they're also huge.

No reason one division couldn't be amazing Linux contributors and another try to kill Rust.

@ted just call it typescript4rust, you'll be happier that way.

@paperdigits that would be a good scenario. But since they're mentioning changing the memory management some, I'm not sure it'll be that simple.

Again, very speculative.

@ted rust seems like it is here to stay. Mozilla is making heavy use and @federicomena is going to work it into gnome shell :)

@paperdigits I like Rust generally (not used it in anger yet), but my concern is that it makes programmers work, and programmers are lazy.

Other solutions to the same problem like Coverity allow people to write code in crazy ways quickly, and then fix it later. Not sure that the industry isn't just inherently bias towards building up technical debt.

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