AppImage provides the same application experience we've long decried on proprietary OSes.

No security updates. No confinement. Bundled dependencies the author probably doesn't understand.

Disappointed in how many people are excited by it and forget history.

@ted convenience is king! I also think they're great for testing, nothing to install.

Shame on me?

@paperdigits if people were only using them for testing and then moving on, sure. But people are using them as the primary way to install and application.

Also, I'd run that testing binary as a user that doesn't have data you care about.

@ted you're technically correct... I'm using both GIMP and HDRmerge AppImages on my Debian old stable editing machine... So I may have a multitude of problems :pizza_pineapple:

@paperdigits I'm not a big fan of fundraising on the Internet. But, I think we could get a GoFundMe together with enough to help you pay the cost for a new version of Debian.

@ted I don't object to you sharing your riches with me ;P

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