You know, I wouldn't mind buying shows from Apple if I could remove the DRM so they can play in whatever.

But you know. Capitalism.

@Are0h I've started buying more movies on Blu-ray and ripping them to Plex.

Feel like an Old, but the DRM restrictions from all the online stores are cumbersome.

@ted I don't blame you. DRM is a pain in the ass for even the most tech savvy people.

We want to spend our money on good content. What we don't want is to be told how and when we can access product that we pay for.

That's why piracy will never go away. That's more ethical than the bullshit these companies are doing.

@Are0h while agree on the DRM I don't think that we can say that piracy is ethical. People deserve to get paid for their work.

There's a ton of BS the companies they work for put in between me and paying the people doing the work, but the connection is still there.

The system is horribly inefficient, but that doesn't mean I should steal their labor.

@ted I'm pretty close to the entertainment business and trust when I say these places are not paying artist what they are worth.

Let's take oddisee for example. He's an music artist that tours and puts out music on his own, much of it for free, but the music he does put out, people buy. He makes a great living despite not being very well known.

Obviously people people should be paid, but if you're saying our money is getting to artist through current mechanisms, you're just wrong.


@Are0h I'm not saying that they're getting paid their worth or that it is the best way to deliver content.

My concern is that piracy establishes a situation where an artist doesn't get to choose how they distribute their content or get paid.

For instance, where artists get their Patreon private content reposted. Not cool.

@ted Yeah, I get that but the same thing is happening through alleged legal channels.

There are artists that can't get the rights back from their work because they signed it over unknowingly. The music industry is notorious for this.

No system is perfect, so I get that part too. But I find we have so much more patience for corporations that have kept artists systemically impoverished for decades vs. the relatively new phenomenon of piracy.

So it's not really a moral argument at all.

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