Switched my LXD configuration so the containers all grab IPs from the local network. Now my router thinks there are SO MANY machines on the network.


It reminds me of the time I called tech support for my Internet connection and they asked how many devices I had on my network. At the time it was something like twenty. They then tried to upsell me more bandwidth. Lots of assumptions in concluding that number of devices correlates to bandwidth needed.

@ted here in Italy if you complain about the connection not working or being very slow they won't even listen to you unless you test it through cable

@alan yeah, generally the same in the US.

There are some ISPs that are now selling WiFi as part of the package they support though. Not sure how wide spread it is.

@ted here everyone gives their router, we even had to impose regulation for letting people choose their routers freely 🤣😅

@alan they've started that route here too. They want access to your home networks so they can sell information on them. (what devices you have, how you use them, etc.) Lower quality data when it goes through NAT.

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