While I understand that UPS is trying to keep up with the times by providing a "Live Map" of my package, it is very unsatisfying to watch my package dance around town and not come to my house.

Perhaps it would be better to make it simulated for the first part of its journey, then pick up live once it is fifteen minutes from my house. Simulate it being in storage, and then leaving an hour out on a mock route to catch up to that final fifteen minutes.

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@ted UPS doesn't really know when the package is 15 minutes away due to interrupts

it knows when the package is likely 15 minutes away, but drivers reroute themselves and also get rerouted

@lufthans sure, I was thinking approximately.

I mean basically: find a point where it is generally heading towards my house and show me then.

@ted that's the thing, depending on your city, it might approach your house several times during the day

I know that in a grid layout a package could be withing a quarter mile ( half a kilometer for those playing along on a different continent ) multiple times during the day and easily take 6 hours for delivery from the initial nearbying

drivers could probably give a 5 minute warning and make multiple stops during that 5 minute window

@lufthans sure, but even with all those errors included, it is a better experience than giving me the map at 8am for a package that's going to be delivered in the evening (3:30 - 7:30pm).

@ted I agree, which is why I ignore it :)

Besides, I'm on the end of the delivery route, so between 16:00 and 22:00 is my delivery time, depending on the season

@ted the solution to this is... Don't watch it... Just wait and be surprised when you get a package.

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