Feel like in this time of social distancing and quarantine we need a meme for: "Video call that should have been an email."

@ted people are conversation starved so give them a bit of a pass.

@Xyc0 I have no problem with people wanting to hang out, I get that. But saying that I need to be at the meeting for reasons, and it being a hang out session isn't cool.

Talk about it and be reasonable with people's needs, but don't try to compel them into being there with false pretenses.

@ted "false pretenses"?

I think you're assuming malice here.

no one is trying to trick you into enjoying a conversation with them.

@Xyc0 I don't mean to imply malice, really it is more laziness.

To be clear I'm not concerned about the "Wanna chat a bit about Project Foo" video calls. More frustrated with the "IMPORANT: Project Foo Everyone *MUST* Attend" meetings.

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