Dallas Arboretum pictures from this afternoon.

I never remember the names of flowers, if you know them please reply for others.

@ted first one with the yellow flower has some lovely use of line and shape!

@paperdigits thank you, took a while to find a good angle for the leaves to look good on that one.

@ted I've used the "Seek" Android app to identify the plants.

It *thinks* the first is the flower of the "western yellow pond-lily" (Nuphar lutea).

Second is definitely "Japanese Maple" (Acer palmatum).

Third is "Mophead Hydrangea" (Hydrangea macrophylla).

Fourth is "Watershield" (Brasenia schreberi).

@ted As for the first one, the screenshot of a picture of two different plants in an arrangement may have thrown it off.

The Seek app generally does a pretty remarkable job "in the field". (Other times, it's like, "Oh, this? It's a dicot." 🙄 But generally, if you keep moving around and be patient, it'll usually identify the plant.)

What's amazing is that the app also works on animals. It reminds me of

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