Wondering about the COVID19 Race/Ethnicity data of cases vs. fatalities in Texas. For cases the largest group is Hispanic, but deaths it is Whites. Not sure why that'd be the case.

@ted My guess would be the age demographics within groups--white residents are, on average, older?

@pizza_pal @ted I was going to suggest the same -- whites are on average richer, get better healthcare, and live longer so those who get sick and get diagnosed/treated are likely to be older and in poorer health due to their age and related conditions. (But actual data would be better than this speculation!)

@pizza_pal @ted or to put it another way, old hispanics are more likely to already be dead from something else before they get covid compared to old whites :(

@brion @pizza_pal @ted Don't forget there's a lag on deaths as well; so you're mostly seeing deaths based on cases that happened a few weeks ago - so if the demographic of the cases shifts, the deaths might as well.

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