Trump clearly wants a way out of this that he doesn't look like a loser. We should negotiate. We should give him Florida.

@ted That would be cruel to the alligators. How about we do a deal that Wikipedia will claim he won the election?

@liw @ted Well he doesn't read, so I don't know if Wikipedia sounds like that much of a tempting prize in his opinion.

@n8 @liw whether he reads it isn't important, whether he is listed in "The most prestigious bestest amazingest website on the Worldwide Internet" is important.

@ted You know when you play chess with a pigeon, there's always a moment when it will get angry, overturn all the pieces, shit on the board and fly away triumphant … :troll:

@danslerush he kinda shit on the board and is blaming us for making the mess. In 2016.

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