@Gina NARRATOR: It wasn't.

As an aside, how are you getting along with Matrix? I've liked it overall, but curious about other people's experiences.

@ted I like the layout and the functionality, it's very userfriendly. The only downside is a poor Giphy integration. Also I've had a really busy week and I'm noticing that I don't always enjoy the pace of chat vs microblogging.

@ted @Gina

I've been running my own Synapse instance (the server-side part of Matrix) for a few months now, private, just for friends and family.

Server-side set-up and maintenance is a bit finicky but not bad if you are comfortable with Linux server admin-stuff.

Client-side is very polished, although still somewhat unintuitive for non-techie folk, but not horrible and getting better every month.

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