At the last Inkscape board meeting we discussed having a place to put videos that the project makes along with other tutorials and Inkscape-related content. I took that action item of researching some options and making a proposal for next month's meeting.

For that, I'm taking inspiration from Blender's efforts and setup of:

Does that seem like a reasonable setup if we had a similar location for Inkscape-stuff?


I'd love it if then someone linked to all the individual project servers and made a OSS Design collection of great stuff. It seems like Peertube allows for that and would be a great intro point for people wanting to learn how to move off of proprietary graphics.

@paperdigits they're the only project based one I know of. But there are, for instance, the LGM videos on and other graphics videos on other peer tube sites.

Plus, I imagine if everyone sees all the cool kids doing it 😎😂

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