Realize there have been jokes on the Internet about this already, but it is pretty dramatic how the winter storm in Texas effected COVID19 new case rates.

Certainly some of that results from people being unable to leave their house to get tests or go to the doctor. But it would seem people staying put and not going out to eat (most restaurants were closed) or to shop also played a major factor.

@ted I was afraid instances would skyrocket due to people having to take shelter together in warming centers

Wouldn't that all be hitting now after a 2 week incubation?


@lufthans I don't know numbers, but I don't think places like the warming stations were widely used by the general population. Mostly for the homeless or people in similar situations.

I believe that hospitalization is a two week delay, but we should see test results start to peak after four to five days. Here we're seeing it get back on approximately the same curve as before. Not definitive, but guessing that aligns with people returning to similar habits.

@ted the news reports I heard said some of them ( at least one city arena ) were full

I didn't hear an explanation of whether it was pandemic full with spacing or squeeze in as many as you can full

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