Noticed that there's a Wikipedia page on drawing with Inkscape that hasn't been updated to Inkscape 1.0. Would be a helpful contribution for both projects! (we won't make you choose which you like more)

@freakazoid not that involved in Wikipedia, so I can't comment too much, but I think that they generally use them for tools that are related to editing Wikipedia itself.

So "How to change a lightbulb" is off-topic but "How to create something for Wikipedia" is on.

@freakazoid @ted You're very much correct that this wouldn't be appropriate for the main namespace, aka the public-facing portion of Wikipedia, and that's a good caution!

In this case though the "Wikipedia:" at the beginning of the title indicates it's in the Wikipedia namespace, and is for internal use. So it's not an encyclopedia article, but rather a reference article intended to show Wikipedia editors how to use Inkscape to create and modify illustrations on Wikipedia 🙂

@freakazoid @ted Wikipedia just uses the same editing tools/interface/database to store their internal reference documents as they do for the actual encyclopedia, because everyone already knows how to use those tools. The namespace at the beginning is how they keep things separate.

@ted replaces entire text with "Everything's upside down from the last version and I hate it" ...

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