Bugs me that we're willing to talk about big funds to prevent flooding from climate change, but spending any money to prevent climate change itself is somehow verboten.

@ted It’s not really an either/or thing. We’re going to need to spend a lot of money on mitigation no matter what preventative actions we take now. And $26B wouldn’t buy much prevention. We need a carbon tax.

@freakazoid I feel like, at least in Texas, there's no willingness to spend ANY money on prevention. You couldn't even talk about it.

On both would be a huge gain in my books. 😃

@ted I guess we'll just have to see how much of a pounding Texas will have to take before they accept that anthropogenic climate change is responsible for at least part of it.

@freakazoid I think that isn't a factor as much as the next governors race.

Most of the cities in Texas are more liberal and willing to deal with climate change, but the state government has not. And the cities are where the damage would be most drastic. So I don't think damage from climate change is actually a factor.

Depending on which area takes charge in the governors race will be key.

@ted Well if liberals start leaving cities that will change the political landscape quite significantly. The reason the Republican party is the way it is is because Republicans tend to live in less densely populated areas, and in general red places aren't as red as cities are blue, so Republican votes are more "efficient". But that also means it wouldn't take that many people moving out of cities to flip a bunch of red districts to blue.

@ted This is also, by the way, why I've been encouraging people to re-register as Republican. A lot is decided in primaries and way fewer people vote in the primaries, so your vote will count a lot more.

@freakazoid in Texas registration doesn't make a difference, you can choose as you walk up which line to be in. (but you can only vote in one)

I usually choose based on which races are close/interesting/etc.

@ted Oh, that's nice. California leaves it up to the party, and the Republican primary is closed but the Democrat primary is open. So I've re-registered Republican.

@ted It's "open" in the sense that if you register "decline to state" you can request a ballot of any party with an open primary. I cannot request a Democrat ballot as a registered Republican.

@freakazoid Interesting.

The only part I don't like about the Texas method is that it is literally two lines. So you broadcast to the people around you which one you're voting in. That encourages Group Think.

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