While it is stupid, I have a hard time getting upset about Fox News bashing the COVID vaccines, it is only going to reduce their own viewership.

@ted won’t they, uh, spread a communicable disease, risking the lives of others

@brion generally, I'm assuming others would get vaccinated.

@ted you, uh, know that vaccination is not 100% right? People get covid who are vaccinated sometimes, especially delta variant.

@ted also immunocompromised people exist, who either cannot take the vaccine or are less protected by it.

@brion sure, but vaccinated people haven't been shown to have severe cases, even of the Delta variant.

Clearly this is all tongue-in-cheek though, I don't want anyone to die. But, I'm also not gonna get all frothy over a cult wanting to kill themselves.

@ted @brion Unfortunately they have here; we're getting a few vaccinated dieing and a fair chunk ending up in hospital - still about 1/20 of risk of not being vaccinated; but not a complete fix.

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