Apple using multiple dies per-package could make a ton of sense for them. It allows them to get more milage out of each mask, where number of masks would normally be the downside building your own chips in different product lines.

@ted Well that's what AMD has been doing for a while now on Ryzen; I think the IO dies are currently made by a different fab owner in a different country from the CPU dies.

@penguin42 sure, multiple dies per package isn't new. But using it to manage your product line is. They're going to use the same dies for the iPhone as the Macbook, just change the number in the package. From a cost/product management perspective that's a new approach to the problem that makes a ton of sense.

@ted Oh OK that is interesting; I'd normally expect the dies to be tweaked for lower power for a phone, and for higher perf for the laptop (slightly different process/transistor design?) - maybe it's just easier now to bring them together.

@penguin42 I think Apple isn't building many servers or desktops. So basically everything they build can benefit from low power cores.

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