Disappointed to see the Dems take a performative loss instead of codifying the parts of Roe that can get done in today's Senate. A bit would be better than none. But they're trying to get votes more than govern.


@ted and those parts are greater than 0?

What part of Roe could get 11 Republican Senate votes ( Manchin gonna Manchin )?

If there had been 10 Republicans willing to let women keep equal rights those last few supreme court justices would not have made it on the court

98% of Senate Democrats voted to protect equal rights for women

@lufthans hard to say definitively without a vote. But Collins has a bill she is working on and the R public rationale was that it went further than Roe.

@ted yeah, Collins and Murkowski might vote for something, but that still won't get them to 60. And Collins is just as likely to go the other way at the last minute despite saying she'd vote for something

With 96% of the Republican Senators opposed to women having bodily autonomy there's nothing Democrats can do with a split senate

And Republicans will still vote against bills that would help kids, so also difficult to do something positive post-pregnancy

@lufthans the situation isn't that binary. Nothing involving humans is except when they're choosing teams.

All of the senators want to get reelected, if there was a bill that they thought would win them votes and not hurt them in the primary they'd go for it.

The majority of Americans support Roe, and if an R proposed the bill then other Rs could get behind it. It would take compromise and not wanting to take credit. Or in other words, leadership.

@ted which R is providing that leadership?

McConnell's solution to 70% of Americans wanting something is to suppress votes rather than listen to the people, note that it's working for him

The situation is binary. McConnell will do everything he can to prevent abortion rights and no Republican senator is standing against him

Believe him when he says he will lie, cheat and steal to keep control

It takes 20% of Senate Republicans for a bill to have a chance, but there's no chance of that

@ted do Collings and Murkowski have 8 more Senate Republican votes for their bill?

Republicans should support her

Until she can bring sufficient Republicans to pass it her bill is vaporware

If she wanted to protect Roe and Casey she would not have voted in supremes who were specifically picked to overturn them

Why do the Republicans get a pass? They intentionally made the mess, they need to put in the work to fix it, instead they're turning to go after Lawrence, Obergefell and even Loving


@lufthans to be fair, she claims that in her private conferences she asked each if they'd overturn Roe and they said they wouldn't. We can't verify that of course, but she may have just been naive to think she wasn't getting played.

But, I hope she gets the votes. It would be a gain for America if her bill passed. Blame isn't useful, moving towards solutions is.

@ted the votes is the thing

if we do a thought experiment and pretend Collins and Murkowski would actually vote to codify Roe and Casey and we really go out on a limb to pretend Manchin would also back it, where do we get another 8 votes in the current senate?

@lufthans I think the votes are there. Clearly Americans support it. And many R's quite simply want those votes. They can claim it is to stop "judicial activism" or some BS reason. But, they're not going to stick their neck out until someone gives them the cover.

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