@rysiek it seems like a lot of people do, but don't open up their servers to external clients. I'm not sure why.

What worries me is that this is a pattern of failure for open protocols. I'm not sure what we can do differently to avoid it.

There are several potentially large Mastodon servers that aren't federating as well.

@ted as long as the number of active users in the federated part of a given "protocol-space" is larger than in a given single de-federated walled garden, I think we're roughly fine.


@rysiek I don't think that's true of XMPP today? Haven't seen numbers on it though.

@ted @rysiek yeah, I don't think many people are using Jabber as-is anymore. Google Talk/Chat/WhateverItsNameIsNow still supports it though (at least for some things), and apparently so does Zoom, not sure about the MS stuff.

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