Working on some concepts for Texas Linux Fest T-shirts and totes. Which would make you want to come? What do you dislike?

Just concepts, fonts and drawings will all get better. Working out ideas right now.

@ted the rack vs rack one as a concept speaks to me so much

@ted IMO, the grill is not really symbolic of Texas. You probably want a smoker. I'd quibble that ribs are also not central to Texas BBQ and that brisket is the thing, but the Rack/Rack pun is too good.

@ted I might have to find a way to make it if the "BBQ hearts tux" tshit makes the cut!

@ted I like the concept behind "Rack vs Rack" (mm, ribs) but I feel like the one with the grill would have more presence on a shirt and tote, and more color opportunities, too.

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