Went out to Lexington, TX to try Ms. Tootsie's BBQ at Snow's. Excellent.

Snow's has been ranked top in Texas BBQ and Ms. Tootsie is the only high level female pitmasters.

Obligatory peer pressure post. Make sure to vote. And wear a mask.

Wondering about the COVID19 Race/Ethnicity data of cases vs. fatalities in Texas. For cases the largest group is Hispanic, but deaths it is Whites. Not sure why that'd be the case.


Dallas Arboretum pictures from this afternoon.

I never remember the names of flowers, if you know them please reply for others.

Looking at the map of where the Inkscape Snap is installed. In most countries, but missing a few. Anyone got a Linux Desktop in: Mauritania, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Congo, Tajikistan, Papua New Guinea or Greenland that can help out?


Realized I could include some images from the proof so folks could see the graphics we're using this year and also hand out to friends.

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Hate it when you're hot on the trail of a bug, fix it, but it turns out to not fix the problem you're having. I guess the code is better though.

Got a new (to me) car that is a plug-in hybrid that I'm excited about. It has a forty mile electric range, which I expect to cover most of my travels. I'm hoping it turns into a 95% electric car for about half the cost. It's a Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid.

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