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Some more pictures of the various costumes. Great staging and layout along with a good audio guide.

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Captivating exhibit at the Detroit Art Institute

Amazing animated GIFs of current satellite images updated every five minutes.

Includes non-visible bands of light too.

Naan breakfast taco. This is the biggest Texification of Indian food that I've seen.

Not saying you should, but if you wanted to, there is apparently now a book on it.

Got this shipping notification for 250lbs. of t-shirts for Texas Linux Fest. If you're in the Austin area or willing to travel there come join us next weekend! I'd like to come home with significantly less than an eighth ton of t-shirts.

Oh, so the best way to control my privacy is to create a Google Account?

Google, you keep using that word "privacy", I do not think it means what you think it means.

Under President Trump kids are learning post-fact math.

Working on some concepts for Texas Linux Fest T-shirts and totes. Which would make you want to come? What do you dislike?

Just concepts, fonts and drawings will all get better. Working out ideas right now.

Looking at the "PureCSS Francine" project, and it is definitely an impressive work. But from the description on the Github page:

It uses bits of SVG. Which makes sense, but that strikes me as not being pure CSS. Is SVG considered part of standard CSS today?

Mailspring is able to produce some simple stats and graphs on your mail, which is both scary and interesting. I think it really just shows I spend too much time dealing with e-mail.

Finally got the picroft install working on the Googly AIY voice kit using these instructions:

Turns out the image won't work with the Pi3B+, you really want a 3B. Everything starts coming together at that point.

Didn't quite work as a "Good Friday off school" project with the kids, but now we have lots more to play with.

Bought some simple patch cables from Amazon and I'm most excited about the boxes they came in. I'm going to "rack mount" my RaspberryPi's in them!

Like that this battery specifies it shouldn't be thrown away in the EU. I'm the US, should be okay.

Looking to put this account on the title slide of a presentation, but not sure what to put.

Not sure if it is a "Mastodon" or an "ActivityPub" account. Or exactly how to show either of those. Here's a mockup of both, with Twitter for comparison. Which is right?

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