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This hotel puts a small stuffed dog in each room. You can take it and part of the fee for the toy goes to help a local animal shelter.

Got a phone call from phone number one million. I guess I'm already a winner?

Getting to see Nathan Sawaya's "The Art of the Brick" at The Perot Museum.

Very confused at which direction the USB cable goes in here.

If you want to know how Open Source is really built, you'll notice this mic stand built with gaffer's tape.

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Filming Inkscape Q&A videos at the Inkscape hack fest by @ryangorley

If anyone needs some FUD, I found the delivery guy.

A "Democrat" and a "Republican." Torchy's tacos against partisan politics.

Modern photography is sitting inside and connecting to your camera via WiFi so you don't have to be cold.

Front page of the Dallas Morning News opinion section today.

Feels significant that a relatively conservative paper is now discussing the topic.

Dave. I'm afraid I can't allow you to litter Dave.

It is getting colder, so making a latte in my favorite mug.

Got out my first Dell XPS13 Developer Edition with Ubuntu.

Surprised at how dated it looks now.

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