@paperdigits have to give Reagan some credit, it works if you consider theft an option.

Hot take: Robin Hood is a story about the only successful implementation of trickle down economics.

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The Meson build system has a manual now! It can be purchased at meson-manual.com/

Jussi ran a crowdfunding campaign for the manual last year, which unfortunately did not reach its goals. Please show your support for good documentation by getting the manual at that website.

This could also describe the stages you go through when reading and understanding the GDPR requirements on user data retention. — xkcd.com/2257/

@cwebber please keep your "hi"s on a chain, this isn't some decentralized free-for-all where "hi"s can just run wild!

Armbian on RockPro64 

@FLOX_advocate yeah, we're working on it. Will extend the deadline a bit for those we messed up.

@paperdigits generally planning on it, but haven't committed in any way (registration, hotel, plane, etc)

@janellecshane I rip my music and then share it my phone using Plex.

One thing I like about that solution is that I can rip as FLAC and listen to the higher quality at home, but then for what gets saved on my phone for offline is compressed.

One day I'll have enough storage for all my music as FLAC on my phone, but not yet.

Bought WiFi on this flight so that I could play Civilization VI with my son. It doesn't seem to want to connect.

So, what we learned is that Civilization doesn't work at 30,000 feet. Doesn't bode well for humans on other planets.

Had breakfast tacos this morning, iced tea for lunch, preparing to leave Texas for a trip.

@danrabbit looks like you have lots of screenshots of OSX. Why would you have those if you weren't copying? 😉

@vickysteeves the full version isn't out yet, but my plan is to get a @PINE64 phone to start playing with those more.

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