@n8 it's OSS, so you know they've spent more time making it themeable than on any other feature.

@HerraBRE he is probably less confident than you.

Though it didn't say it in the article, he also sounded very young.

@n8 first you want Gantt charts, then you want open source, then you want to choose what programming language it is implemented in?!?!? 😉

@HerraBRE I once read an article on bad tattoos. The best was a guy who got a "your name" tattoo. He said that yeah, it is funny, but it is never a good thing to have a woman start laughing when she sees you naked.

@jalcine @federicomena @brainwane I want to use osmand more but what always gets me is the lack of information on the places in the map. Things like open hours for stores and their website.

I realize that's a hard collection to get without being the size of Google, but it seems like half of what I use maps for.

@judeswae sorry, it's not normally this hot in June.

@torgo tagging some folks in the UK who may know of people who'd be interested.

@sil @popey

One of the benefits of an Open Source OS that isn't talked about much is being able to use new compiler security features across the entire OS.


This isn't something that makes keynote presentations, but does make users more secure.

Everyone talks about the problems with Climate Change, but never solutions. Here is one. — savagechickens.com/2019/06/pol

@danrabbit it's like a normal shell, but with cooler letters in the name.

@Greg I'm doing a bit of an experiment and ordering one of these for standing desks.


I'm hoping that all the possible sitting positions it offers will allow for eating up some nervous energy while I work.

But, it is a bit of unknown, not sure if it'll work out or not.

Ordered a new office chair so my current one has responded by having the gas canister leak, slowly, as I sit and work.

The new one can't get here fast enough.

@o0karen0o does HIPAA have anything that can be used to help bring some of these companies in line or hold them liable for the vulnerabilities?

I feel like we need some way to lawyer in security before people start getting hurt.

@paperdigits I tried to follow the links in the article, and honestly I'm not sure. It does seem odd. Doesn't seem like copyright infringement is the easiest way to go.

Wow. I'm surprised by this. And while it has big implications for independent photographers it seems like it would be a bigger deal for textbook publishers and the software industry.

If state institutions can't be sued for copyright infringement they could copy textbooks and software at will. Not even GPL'd software would be safe. There is a ton of commercial usage that is built on the back of copyright.


@sean we came to common ground in the 70s, then extremists reset their fence posts and wanted to average to that position. That's not compromise, it is slowly shifting to their opinion.

But, even so, compromise is not a reasonable position when we're talking about people's rights. A position of "they don't need all those rights" is reductive to their position as equal members of our society.

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