@popey something I haven't tried myself, but I see others talking about and want to try are Jupyter notebooks. Seems like they might fit the bill.


@patdavid I do live crisp fonts, but I have to imagine there are deminishing returns when going from 4K to 8K. I can't imagine the difference will be the same.

That said, my phone has a 4K screen and the fonts are pretty darn nice!

@chuck is there a bulk discount if I have lots of yaks? What about micro-yaks?

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@n8 I'm worried about it as well. But, it seems somewhat legit that the got oversold abilities by the mic vendor and are now having to recover.

Also, the fact that Jaguar invested and I believe they would have done some due-diligence gives me hope.

The skills installation and mechanics is pretty bad though, not sure if it is recoverable as a path to growth. It seems like you need rock solid skills to make that product work.

@Are0h I guess what surprises me the most is that there seems to be people who don't want the world to be a better place.


@Are0h I understand that change is hard.

I grew up with "guys" being the generic for a group of people. I don't think that's right, and I've been trying to change for years, but I'm still not perfect at it.

But, what I don't understand is not trying to change and make the world better.

@Are0h what really shocks me is people who say things like: "We didn't have to do that when I was a kid."

I want to yell: "That's okay! The world can get better! YOU can make it better!"

I don't understand how "in the past we were shitty" is an argument to be shitty today.

Creating "a future of tech-driven authoritarianism, potentially leading to a loss of privacy on an industrial scale."

While we want to point to China the US and the UK are no saints here. I think the only thing we can hope is that China will step over a line that convinces politicians here to enact laws restricting the use of technology in such far reaching efforts.


@Sturmflut that's just because you pay for their healthcare with your taxes 😉

American Football definitely has an injury problem, and a long term viability issue because of it.

I think the core issue with soccer is the substitution policy, they need to allow more. It limits the explosiveness of plays and gives some benefit to faking an injury just to slow down the game for a break.

Also, a publicly visible clock. Because that's just insane and makes the end of the game feel arbitrary.

@Sturmflut a little more of that would probably help the sport in the US. Most soccer players are considered whiny here.

Not saying it should be a boxing match, but a little more perseverance would go a long way for PR.

Dell has these 32" 8K monitors. It would be awesome to get three of them set up with some high end video cards to run them.

Because, think how many terminal windows I could have open!

And the letters in fonts would be so smooth.

@popey old school.

Time to install Ubuntu 6.06 and chill.

@Sturmflut interesting!

In hockey they have rules against visible blood, so you have to get cleaned up by the medic on the bench. But, not having substitutions makes that harder in soccer.

Watching the Dallas Stars on Fox Sports Southwest and they're running ads for women's USA soccer.

The ads are really kick ass.

I don't like soccer that much and I'm excited about it. Bring it on world!

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@vickysteeves is it a specific dictionary? Can you not just use any?

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C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot; C++ makes it harder, but when you do, it blows away your whole leg. - Bjarne Stroustrup #famous #quotes

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