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@sil ah, makes sense.

Depending on what you want if you just ungroup in Inkscape it will put the transform attribute on all the children. You don't need the extension for that.

@sil just to be curious, why are you headed down this path? Compressing the SVG?

Dispatching social workers for many 911 calls is a good idea, with promising early results. Hopefully more police departments will look at similar programs. —

As someone who is opposed to building a wall that the border officials don't think is useful, I am excited that Kushner is now in charge of it. —

Wonder if we did this lineup with the majority of Americans if they could identify who's hogging resources in our economy. —

@paperdigits I'm not a big fan of fundraising on the Internet. But, I think we could get a GoFundMe together with enough to help you pay the cost for a new version of Debian.

@paperdigits if people were only using them for testing and then moving on, sure. But people are using them as the primary way to install and application.

Also, I'd run that testing binary as a user that doesn't have data you care about.

AppImage provides the same application experience we've long decried on proprietary OSes.

No security updates. No confinement. Bundled dependencies the author probably doesn't understand.

Disappointed in how many people are excited by it and forget history.

@adbenitez @liw ah, that's interesting, I hadn't heard of Delta Chat before. Definitely an interesting concept.

@liw yeah, I'm optimistic about Matrix in general. We'll see if it can continue to grow.

@liw Telegram added the usernames on top so you don't have to share your number everywhere, but that's still not great.

My use case, which I think is probably common is that I have a small child who doesn't have a SIM. It would be nice to be able to text when he's on the net though.

Works with iMessage...

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Thanks for sharing another beta for Inkscape ! I could run new test on fonts, RTL, on random SVG from Pepper&Carrot.

So far, all good! Even [ar] RTL

(oh and dark theme + symbolic icons looks really cool; I'm not used to them but I'll quickly adopt)

@jalcine honestly, it is because the threat models for PAM modules are pretty insane.

Almost no tool can be inserted (by design) and no userspace thing can easily create a reasonable environment that is as restricted.

They're nearly impossible to test as well.

That being said, go for it, TOTP would be awesome.

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