@crash first time I've heard a positive effect of an ISP being bought out!

@rysiek this is how I make my sports predictions correct! One day I'll be right and my team will win! 😆

@_astronoMay thanks! That was actually my question from reading articles on the mission.

@freakazoid I'm curious to see what happens as a significant portion of the population starts to choose electric cars. Gasoline has enjoyed being universally available. As gas stations get less volume they'll start to become less profitable, but there's already a sunk cost there, so they won't shut down right away. Overall it seems like something that isn't going to scale down gracefully and might end up pushing electrics forward as it collapses.

@freakazoid Longer term I think there's also an argument for cars having smaller batteries.

Today they're trying to replace gas vehicles so they're trying to match those specs. But I don't think that actually matches people's usage as much as the standard came from how much it was a hassle to go to the gas station regularly.

I have a PHEV with a 40 mile range, and for the vast majority of my usage that is more than enough.

@freakazoid I think both of those routes are possible.

There seems to be lithium deposits available, and obviously higher prices make those more desirable to mine.

But, honestly, I'm hoping for a break through in battery chemistry. Feel like there are so many "so close" articles coming out of research right now. I hope one makes it past the finish line.

@TeamMidwest last two companies I've worked for do that, highly recommend!

@freakazoid it seems most of the car manufactures have said they'd stop building gas powered cars by 2030, so I imagine it was that plus a little wiggle room.

Love how everyone is talking about it being an example of government leadership when most of the major car companies had already stated their goals before them.

Working with some fuzz testing and wondering if code coverage is effective a dead metric for software project tests.

home tech nerdery 

@Greg personally I like having my NAS and little services separated, generally the files I want to be more stable than the various services.

For the services I have an old workstation (you can get enterprise stuff refurb cheap) that runs LXD so that I can just spin up a machine as I need one. I also use a few RPis for fun.

@freakazoid you can use the control group to limit the CPU usage. Depends what you mean by "slow down" of course.

Here is a Stackexchange question I found on using it with systemd-run, but you can use other cgroup stuff too.


@freakazoid don't you have a "Turbo" button on your computer?

Tshirts with text on them were the original memes.

@n8 think of all the randomness you now possess!

According to the Snap Store there are 12 people still running the 0.92.3 snap of Inkscape. Can ya'll reach out to me? You need to upgrade, 1.2 is significantly better!

@federicomena I have a pfSense router that has a package for using Squid for it.

I'm sure that you could use Squid on other routers/setups the same way.

I know that at UDSes (when they existed) Canonical IT setup squid transparent proxies as there were a lot of people on that network hitting the package servers 😃

I love my transparent HTTP proxy. I have a bunch of Ubuntu machines/containers that I update and having the packages cached locally makes it much more pleasant.

I realize this is a dying method and will go away (for good reasons), but I'll miss it.

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