Betsy Hodges, former mayor of Minneapolis, talking about how white liberals are going to have to step out of our comfort zone to make lasting change happen on equality in our cities and how that is a cornerstone of the police brutality problem. —

@djsundog I learned about sfdisk the other day, which is an fdisk designed to be usable in scripts. Made copying partition layouts and setting up RAID much easier.

@n8 I have no proof, but they did it the debs previously and the complaint was about them being unable to modify the package...

@nolan the problem is that it is compressed on the filesystem, so first time everything has to be decompressed. Lots of discussion on the forum about how to fix it. Has gotten better, but definitely a downside of the trade-off for smaller bundles on disk.

Also, an easier way to find out which snaps you have is:

$ snap list

@n8 they want to be able to distro-patch in their own affiliate codes.

But, that's exactly goes against one of the core principles of Snap, that upstreams control the exact bits that the user gets. Puts full control in the upstream's hands.

To get that though, you have to be in a sandbox because otherwise there'd be no security. It's a tradeoff.

@matrix @mray @kudos yes, it shows priority.

But also it means that the post will be tailored to look "good" on one side. All compatibility bridges are exactly that, and they'll never be a perfect translation.

For instance if you tag someone's ActivityPub account, it doesn't look great on Twitter, likewise if you tag a Twitter account in a Tweet it doesn't look good on AP.

Get money to groups fighting to end racism and get cookies. Win-win situation. —

PGP Public Key, :boost_no:​ 

@noelle just to be curious, why do you not want that boosted? I'm not sure why anyone would, but interested to learn your perspective.

Several studies have concluded that the BLM protests haven't increased the spread of COVID19. Here are some reasons why. —

@tsdgeos kinda like the show Quantum Leap, you don't know which era you're gonna jump into. 😉

@danrabbit exactly how I feel everytime I enter retail as well.

Wondering about the COVID19 Race/Ethnicity data of cases vs. fatalities in Texas. For cases the largest group is Hispanic, but deaths it is Whites. Not sure why that'd be the case.

It seems Texas educational standards are likely to admit sex exists, but not gay people, I guess that's progress? —

Glad to see Rotary adding environmental projects to the list of focus areas that can get global grants. These are the smaller less reported projects that will add up to big gains for our planet. —

The Chicks (formerly Dixie Chicks) new song is pretty powerful:

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