@paperdigits bummer, my camera has cr3, but I don't think it has the feature to produce those files.

@n8 that's a neat idea in that I think is a great project in that all the pieces exist.

@Claire thanks for implementing this, I think it would be a useful feature. Hope it lands.

Russians figured out that it is easier to just pay people to do their disinformation work for them. We should have never taught them capitalism.


@popey my label maker has the label:

Dad's Order Enforcer

I'm impressed with your ability to keep the labels informative.

@popey you should put a sign over your front door:

The Pope Museum

I'm sure that will clear things up for people entering your home.

Glad they added electric charging stations, but the letter spacing on the sign is painful.

@RussSharek @tek it is great, recommended.

I heard from @cassidyjames that they're looking to build one in Denver as well.

If you don't hear from me, you know the AI got me.

@Linux_in_a_Bit I bet that is their reasoning. But having three letters after the apostrophe feels weird to me.

@Passepartout I feel like most contractions are two letters, so it feels more normal when written.

@lufthans we'll see. It is already more powerful than a Switch. What really matters is whether game makers will target it.

But, for me personally, I don't play intensive games so it is likely to be more than enough.

Having a more open handheld gaming device is exciting. Hoping most of the games I like are able to run on the device. Now I just need more time!


Noticed the All Contributors project which aims to recognize non-code contributors to OSS; that's something I can agree with. The way you add someone is with their Github or Gitlab account. 🤔


(NOTE: can only use the main Gitlab instance as well)

Censorship from folks who decry "Cancel Culture". But in this case it is actually a first amendment issue as the government is doing it.


@brion sure, but vaccinated people haven't been shown to have severe cases, even of the Delta variant.

Clearly this is all tongue-in-cheek though, I don't want anyone to die. But, I'm also not gonna get all frothy over a cult wanting to kill themselves.

Making it so that clinical trials are possible outside of pharmaceuticals could have other benefits of making it possible to target less profitable diseases.


@brion generally, I'm assuming others would get vaccinated.

While it is stupid, I have a hard time getting upset about Fox News bashing the COVID vaccines, it is only going to reduce their own viewership.


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