@o0karen0o if you have access to a Nextcloud instance you can share a folder as a dropbox. Generates a URL that they can upload to. But even if it gets discovered can't be abused as easily.

Not sure if that matches all your requirements, but it might.

@cassidyjames I would also add that I consider that one major downside of Matrix. They don't have data retention policies built unto the server/protocol right now.

I imagine that'll change, but frustrating.

@cassidyjames we've disabled the unlimited backlog in our company Slack for exactly this reason.

If it is important don't store it in Slack, put it somewhere useful.

I was surprised at all the pushback from long time Slack users. Apparently some even have years and years of text messages for some reason.

@n8 do you just run something like OpenVPN over Tor? Or, export each service independently?

@n8 I think LWN needs an article on it 😉

I'd be weary of more pixels on those older Intel chips. I have a several year old XPS13 with the 4K screen, which is beautiful, but sometimes you can feel the graphics chip working.

Curious if Trump is in the end going to use Mastodon for his social network whether they'd keep federation on. Their policy on "no criticism of Trump" would be hard to enforce across the Fediverse.

@Karlitschek are you guys using that internally? Is there a way to follow you there?

@garrett waiting for the Sony event on the 26th to see what they announce there. Their cameras and software have always been the best. Especially with the dedicated shutter button.

@rysiek @Gargron @conservancy I think to request the source code you'd have to be a user and make an account. Who's willing to take one for the team? 😆

@n8 I've been using Nebula for my overlay networking solution there, but it doesn't have all the NAT punching stuff as Tailscale so it gets blocked at the hockey rinks (a main use case for me)

Looking to switch to tailscaled and headscale next to see if I can get the networking to be more reliable.


@n8 been thinking about this a bit too. Seems like that's *basically* what my laptop does now.

I have a Pinebook Pro I want to go down this route with, but I haven't made much progress.

Messing around with the demo server at work and a Hackernews data download. Seems that there's about 10x the number of stories about SVG than there are on Inkscape.


That generally makes sense, it seems like more association with SVG would help Inkscape.

@n8 also, when it is in the bad state you should be able to login and debug with PiKVM. You can't predict when it'll happen, but you can play when you find out.

@n8 setup a systemd unit as a timer that prints a bunch of network stats every few minutes. That'll throw stdout into journald. And at least you'll be able to back trace to see what the state was when it was dead.

@n8 plug in a USB network device and see if that one stays up?

OH hockey dad at the rink: "He had a cut lip and a black eye so we took him to the doctor and the doctor gave him another concussion! Can you believe the doctor gave him a concussion!?!?"

@Greg my favorite story there is about a data center issue where the only way to communicate in and out of the data center was via fax. 😂

@kensanata I think it comes from the concept that code can be self documenting. Which is somewhat true with great variable and function names.

But I feel that it is kinda like the topic sentence in a paragraph, in theory you don't need it as you should be able discover the theme using the supporting sentences. It still makes it much easier to read as it prepares you to put everything together.

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