In reading about FIDO U2F it seems like the entire concept is about authenticating to web applications.

But, what about non-web applications? How can I use a FIDO U2F key for IMAP?

Is the concept that you have a web-based password manager with TOTP for everything else?

Different view on RAW development for the Open Source digital photographer. Simpler and faster probably covers more of my use cases for RAW files.

Daily vs. Weekly. Is that an "order for magnitude" different? Weekly vs. Monthly vs. Yearly? Order of magnitude base-Julian?

@n8 Europeans always drawing weird lines in Africa.

The other clever thing is that, while I used it and completed my transaction in the normal flow, they noticed it was my first time using it and sent me an email explaining what just happened. I understand a lot of the handoffs there, but I imagine for many folks it was surprising and perhaps made them concerned.

Good follow up like that builds trust.

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Made a purchase that went through Amex "Safekey", which is kinda interesting:

Basically it allows for two-factor to be inserted in the credit card transaction. SMS. But still feels like something that would make online purchases more secure.

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Calling all Inkscape artists!

You're invited to enter our traditional About Screen Contest for the upcoming Inkscape version 1.1!

Find all information about how to join the drawing contest at

We're looking forward to seeing your art!

#inkscape #contest #drawing #ArtWithOpenSource

@cassidyjames not sure on that one because I'm the only one in my house using PlexAmp, everyone else uses the standard client.

But I didn't do anything to set it up other than login and set my user. Seems like it would be the same auth mechanism.

Unfortunately for Linux PlexAmp is only an AppImage, so I wouldn't recommend it.

Online services in 2021: Don't tell me how you're going to preserve my data, tell me how you're going to destroy it.

@cassidyjames I ended up with the Plex pass. I'm using the off-air antenna support which is also nice.

I did that for a few months, decided it was useful, then went ahead and just did lifetime.

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@brainblasted what makes me angrier is when it is news sites that I pay for, I just browse in private mode to protect my privacy from their advertisers.

I have USB data pin blockers to use charging points I don't trust. But with USB-PD the data lines are needed to negotiate the amount of power. What are people using in this case? Is there some sort of PD proxy?

After reading this review of MyPillow stating it felt like sleeping on a pile of rocks:

I was curious what the "patented fill technology" is:

And that pretty much describes why.

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