@vickysteeves I use Unity, but you might check out @elementary Not exactly just a desktop environment, but might fit your needs.

My youngest is learning to read, but not very confident in his abilities. So I told him: "You're a very good reader!"

His retort: "Well, who am I better than then?!?"

My wife has told me that "The President" was not an age appropriate answer.

@n8 oh, I'm wondering if @tinker would be interested in these.

@n8 not sure that I really want it, but I'd love to look at pictures and give them stars :-)

@RAOF seems like that is so often the case.

Impressive list of all the OSS libraries and binaries that are included in Plex products.


Shows how OSS is a commons that empowers people to implement their ideas and visions.

@bjoern I think there's a big difference between using a proprietary client and when the network itself is proprietary and/or closed.

Perhaps an example of that would be Signal, where it is OSS, but they only allow connection from their own clients.

Happy for the future, but IRCv3 is going a long way to get there while keeping backwards compatibility.

@bjoern I do think that IRCCloud provides a much better IRC experience. I wish it wasn't proprietary (and on Windows). I appreciate their work pushing the IRCv3 standard to make IRC more relevant for modern users.

I'd move my subscription over to a free alternative (don't want to host it myself) if someone would build it.

Fascinating to see how this is going to move through the courts. If the pages are considered public forums, it seems like it would limit social media sites from implementing their own code of conducts as well. Wonder if the ad supported networks would then ban government entities or drop their rules. — tracking.feedpress.it/link/167

@chuck @CrowderSoup haha, yeah, it is pretty awesome. It was great being able to install apps and manage your device from the command line on the device itself.

UIs are great for somethings, but being able to string together a command line to do a whole host of things at once is a great feeling.

@n8 this is the most amazing Toot possible, shut the network down, nothing better can come out of it.

Generally the dependencies for Inkscape aren't really big security issues, but in the last couple weeks there have been quite a few!

Rebuilding the snaps again.


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@RAOF clearly you're afraid of success 😉

@federicomena @silverseams if I understand correctly, I'm not able to reproduce it on master. So it may be fixed.

Probably won't be backported to 0.92.3 because that's the last GTK2 release, so it has a pretty big difference between that and master.

Not sure what platform you're on, but there are a few options to play with master if you're interested in giving it a try.

@kenvandine I feel like this post needs a content warning.

@sergiusens wait, weren't the occupy folks the 99%? Ah, the Androids are occupying the Internet!!!

@sergiusens @marsxyz what would a teacher expect for a student to work on a paper at home? Phone keyboard? Hand written?

@marsxyz wow, I didn't realize.

What are most of the popular low-end laptops and tablets running?

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