@sungo @dokuja @thegibson @tek yeah, I'm not sure why broadcasters, and especially their advertisers are okay with that.

It seems like they'd want to have more control over the encoding to ensure that it is good. For instance, if you knew which region is graphics and which is video you could handle their encoding differently.

And for advertisers, you probably don't care what happens to the rest of the video as long as your logo is perfect. To do that you have to control the encoding.

@danrabbit waiting for IDEs to support in line GIFs

@sungo @dokuja @thegibson @tek that's why I got an over-the-air antenna. They have more bandwidth than they know what do with, so they are usually broadcasting pretty high bitrate video.

To the point where last year during the Superbowl my hardware MPEG4 transcoder couldn't keep up and I had to turn it off.

@sungo @dokuja @thegibson @tek when were were doing Cable Labs certification on a box you should see some of the crazy video formats that we had to support. Basically they'll compress horizontal and vertically differently so that it can be "1080i" but not always 1920 horizontal pixels as well.

@sungo @dokuja @tek yeah, I used to work at DirecTV and if people were happy they didn't interrupt that. When I worked there (over 10 years ago now) there were still people running the original DirecTV boxes.

The downside of that is that all card changes and card upgrades had to be tested on all boxes that were in the field. Which become a rather large set over time.

@n8 we ended up hosting our own for @inkscape . Not something I like spending project time on, but eh, it gets us off the ads in the SourceForge lists.

@tek @dokuja funny story there, as I've always bought my own modem.

I got a flier in the mail saying "300Mbps service in your area" and so I called saying "Why don't I have 300Mbps then?!?!" fully expecting the answer to be that it wasn't *really* in my area. The reply was that my modem was too old.

Fixed it quickly, and I doubt they would have upgraded it without me calling, but it was a funny challenge of my expectations.

Perhaps "roundtables" is a step up from "thoughts and prayers," but not a very big one.

Another failure to do anything actionable about gun violence.


Got a form from my son's school asking for his birthday; month, day and year. And then "Age on Birthday".

Isn't that always zero?

Surprised when I went to Torchy's for lunch that their Bacon Bourbon Marmalade is 1,077 Calories for an ounce.


Turns out, I checked, and that's only about 1/50th as much energy per ounce as rocket fuel.


In the spirit of the "Moscow Mitch" nickname I feel like we need to repurpose the "In Soviet Russia" meme for the Senate.

In the Senate, Mitch says that YOU'RE the racist.

@Pixley will that end up in the URL when it is in the archive?

Curious if there is going to be abnormally high number of Google search results pointing to that book.

Spent some time in Denton, TX and was looking for places to eat. Quite enjoyed the reviews on this bakery. 🤨

My son's baseball coach wants to start practice one and a half hours before sundown.

Here I thought iCal was over-complicated; turns out it isn't complicated enough.

@mairin I don't think there's a built in feature, but there are several tools out there to do it.

I have this bookmarked but haven't used it yet: github.com/hughrun/ephemetoot

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Today Linux Journal shut its doors for good. All staff were laid off and the company is left with no operating funds to continue in any capacity... linuxjournal.com/content/linux

Remember when the term "Artificial Intelligence" meant something.

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