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@garrett /me takes notes: if you want parents to change, start pandemic

Why yes, of course installing Tux Typing involved fixing a GRUB script. The year of the Linux Desktop is 2020.

@RAOF I've been wanting to try a bidet for a while, but there's no power near my toilet. Seems like a better solution overall.

Perot Science Museum is doing a live stream with local experts on COVID-19 and the response in Dallas.

@Are0h at the end of the day I'm convinced we need Copyright reform. It isn't working. I think that it is most obvious with software, but it is the same with all creative media. Digital changed things and our laws haven't adapted enough.

I haven't heard of any solutions I thought would work though.

@Are0h I'm all for that if that's what the artist wants and endorses. I'm not okay if fans decide that is what they want against the artist's wishes.

@Are0h I'm not saying that they're getting paid their worth or that it is the best way to deliver content.

My concern is that piracy establishes a situation where an artist doesn't get to choose how they distribute their content or get paid.

For instance, where artists get their Patreon private content reposted. Not cool.

@Are0h while agree on the DRM I don't think that we can say that piracy is ethical. People deserve to get paid for their work.

There's a ton of BS the companies they work for put in between me and paying the people doing the work, but the connection is still there.

The system is horribly inefficient, but that doesn't mean I should steal their labor.

@Are0h I've started buying more movies on Blu-ray and ripping them to Plex.

Feel like an Old, but the DRM restrictions from all the online stores are cumbersome.

Worried that when I'm at the store the person checking me out could have a virus and pass it to me via the change. How does one launder money?

Google wasn't helpful. Not sure how bitcoin is supposed to help here.

@RAOF I didn't realize that facial tissues don't break down in water. Got told that on Twitter from the cross post.

My life insurance company emailed to give some advice for staying healthy and avoiding the coronavirus. 😂

@feld that would be the *most amazing* backup.

@feld is there a reason that I'd want it to be visible? It seems to work (at least for what I need) the way it is.

TIL: ZFS mounts have a ".zfs" directory at their root that includes all the snapshots. It doesn't show up with a "ls -a" but you can navigate into it.

@charlag the exact details are going to vary from community to community, and your water company should be able to give you those. But for an overview:

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Here's the Libre Graphics track at Scale18x in Pasadena last weekend, starts with my talk about #godotengine, #VR, and space stations, then continues with talks about 3-d printing, making video tutorials, and a libre graphics roundup. A couple more days, it might have been canceled. Wash your hands!

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