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Social people shouldn't be given social media. The Internet was better when it was introverts only.

These are trying times that might make you think building a new Javascript framework is a good idea. Resist that urge. —

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Thinking about this more, it is really the effect of commoditization on the market.

Fabless semiconductor firms showed the transition to where the production of the waffers themselves became commoditized. Now we're seeing the CPU/GPU cores themselves have become the commodity.

This is further shown by there becoming more open cores available and getting used. Probably the next winners will be those who can customize open cores to match high end business applications.

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Both the new XBox and PS5 use custom chips from AMD. Basically adjusting the buses and configuration of the cores on the chips. Apple is designing its own chips to match its requirements.

Wonder if that's the future of the semiconductor business. Fewer generic parts, but custom configuration of cores to match specific applications.

Really a shift back to when each chip was designed explicitly for a customer. But, a change that'll create winners and losers.

Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share and giving it to artists today. I took the opportunity to update my nerdcore collection.

@ossington I'm there. Hoping for some more sun this weekend.

For all the parents out there looking for some science material to balance out activities for your kids the Perot Museum has some fun experiments online.

We've also been using NOVA and Nature shows that are available at:

Write up on the Imperial College London model on the costs of doing nothing to mitigate sars-cov-2. And frankly, the costs of doing a lot, nothing looks rosy. —

@SpankyWorks I don't use the MS 2FA but I have an O365 account that I can verify Mailspring works with:

Depressing, but real data about hospital capacity that can be customized to your region. —

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Monterey Bay Aquarium has closed to the public atm but they'd like to remind you that their webcams are still running

Not saying that I want things shutdown longer than they need to be, but noting I have jury duty on April 6th.

Worried that with everyone calling this virus (sars-cov-2) "coronavirus" that when we have the next one people will believe they're immune because "they've already had it."

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Pepperwood West (HighHill) Sonoma located at 38.578201,-122.705902. Altitude: 769m

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