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Testing is the key issue in understanding the failure of the US coronavirus response. My guess is that we need to get the positive test rate below 1% before we can return to normal movement. —

Using a GoPro as a wireless/waterproof webcam. My coworkers are gonna love the swimming video calls. Thanks @gled !

Seems like a good idea, but doesn't include organic plutonium. Probably some genetically modified version. —

Went ahead and made @libregraphics to talk about Open Source graphics applications.

Not sure entirely what will go there, but feel free to follow and contribute!

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Starting today, you can now preorder the PinePhone UBports Community Edition: a production model #PinePhone preloaded with UBports (Ubuntu Touch), with a custom backplate to match!

PINE64 Store Link:

UBports blog post:

@alan Americans being lazy and not enjoying a well prepared meal? 😉

As an aside, we have an amazing local Italian restaurant run by Italian descendants, but they aren't doing takeout or delivery.

@alan sorry, local short hand for "Italian Food" as a style, not saying it is actually from Italy.

Trying to spend any eating out money at local businesses, because they are hardest hit. But I have to say I'm super impressed with Piada, a fast casual Italian chain.

Since the restrictions on restaurants have gone into place they've introduced family meals that can be delivered. And now they're producing "take and bake" meals that can be cooked at your house. Both good ideas reinventing the value they provide.


@tek when people ask why I don't shop there I just say: "I don't fund religious extremists"

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@jcgruenhage ah, I see. Hadn't considered that attack.

Seems like you could still use the same password for both though. I imagine the plain text password isn't stored locally, just used to get a token. So both the keys and the password wouldn't be stored next to each other.

Certainly, less secure, but I'm not sure the usability tradeoff for the increased security is good here.

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@jcgruenhage wait, why isn't it hashed locally and then sent to the server to compare the hash?

@kensanata do you know about:

Amazing collection of classical music recordings with open content licenses.

I care deeply about your opinion on April Fool's Day.

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@jcgruenhage yes, I understand that now, it wasn't clear to me at the time.

The dialogs and the messaging need to be refined, user tested, and refined some more.

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@jcgruenhage yes, but it isn't clear to me why you need two passwords for that. It seems like it could be encrypted with your primary password.

Certainly more secure users should be able to split them, but by default, that's as secure as similar apps.

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