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Helping a young student who is emancipated learn about and sign up for health insurance through the ACA.

Probably the most valuable thing I've done this week.

He'll probably get a subsidized plan that won't cost him much, but will give him protection from catastrophe and some preventative care.

This is neat, glad that Collabra is sponsoring it. The real gain I see is that graphics chip vendors can release one simpler driver, hopefully increasing support for the Linux graphic stack. Hope they realize this and chip in some expertise. —

What surprises me is that in this discussion, and the comments, no one mentions the lack of GPS. For me, the worst parts of photography are writing down where the photos were taken and who is in them. GPS takes away a huge hassle with photography for me. Confused at why a camera that is billed as a 6D replacement wouldn't have it. —

Got a spam message inviting me to join the illuminati. That's a new one.

Not sure we'll ever have a definitive list, the scope is too large, but good to remember how corrupt this president is. —

Japan will be recording the 2020 Olympics in 8K, wonder if we'll get any of it in 4K in the US. We didn't for 2018. —

The IBM and Red Hat deal makes me think back to when Red Hat IPO'd and tried to give shares to everyone in the author files.

Wonder if anyone still has those shares and what they're worth today.

I had setup alternative DNS on my routers, but I thought I should go back to my ISP's DNS because "it can't be that bad."

No, it is. It really is that bad. Shockingly so.

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Got out my first Dell XPS13 Developer Edition with Ubuntu.

Surprised at how dated it looks now.

Setup an over-the-air TV antenna at my house and the receiver I have will also decode clear QAM. So I hooked it up to my cable modem input to see if there were any stations being sent.

For the most part it was what you'd expect, mostly promotional stations and a couple religious networks.

One of the channels was a login for a Fedora 10 box. Fedora 10. That's a halloween scare for ya.

For the first time I've clicked on the "Follow My Delivery" feature of UPS.

I have to say it's more frustrating than just waiting. The driver keeps going to other people's houses. And then other neighborhoods. And other businesses. And... this is not the easiest way to get to my house!

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Identity Thieves that *copy* data from Surveillance companies are doing this same thing as those companies - using data of our lives against us without our input or control.

We should have control over our data.

This is a political issue.

Technology has only and will only continue to allow this surveillance at massive scale.

Vote, run for office, conduct civil disobedience (if you’re willing to face the consequences), call your representatives and hold them accountable.


Not saying this is the only reason I like new people coming to WoFLFri at, but it is a good reason. —

Thunder is caused by air moving quickly form a high pressure region to a low pressure one.

Basically, thunder is God farting.

Thinking about making a "sexy home office worker" costume for Halloween.

It'll be a t-shirt, flannel pants and coffee mug that say "I'm Sexy" on them.

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