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Realized that my SCALE speaker profile was still talking about my last job, so I did a quick update.

Looking in the Wayback Machine it seems it was wrong last year too. Why didn't any of you tell me?

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Help improve #Inkscape for everyone! Learn "How to Report Inkscape Bugs in GitLab" with this step-by-step video:

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We're thrilled to be the 2018 Bronze OSBAR award winner from the Open Source Business Alliance at #UniventionSummit in Bremen, Germany. Thanks to Kopano for sponsoring our prize! Silver and Gold winners were #OpenProject and #HumHub. Read more:

Grabbing an @inkscape T-shirt so that I'm ready for the upcoming hackfest in Pasadena. You can grab one for yourself too:

If you'd like to support the hackfest directly there's also information on that here:

The @nextcloud E2E folder plugin is still listed as alpha, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of traffic in the repo. Anyone using it?

I figured it'd be stable by Nextcloud 15, but just upgraded and it's still listed as alpha in the store:

Will be a while before all of this content drops out of copyright, but great to see it being made more available for when it does. I can't wait to see all the creative remixes and new content created at that time. —

Crazy. Effectively setting up a situation that if a city gets a major development in one year, their tax rate gets automatically slashed and unable to harbor the additional costs to the city. A good way to punish cities from encouraging growth. —

When writing ubuntu-geoip and pushing it into the Ubuntu Desktop I was convinced that all we needed to get interesting location usage was a consistent provider.

No one really used it in the end. The best usage was just automatically detecting timezone.

I'm not sure how we could have changed things but it still seems location is only used on devices that have built-in GPS, even though location is rarely calculated using it.

Using a non-profit exemption in the law is a clever trick, but I can't help but to think that the media companies will just "fix" the law. —

Got an update for a package I wrote (a long time ago) and was really curious what I messed up!

Turns out that they finally added SSL to the server and changed the URL. Not that exciting after all.

A "Democrat" and a "Republican." Torchy's tacos against partisan politics.

We've adjusted the Texas Linux Fest CfP deadline to be March 6th to account for Global Diversity CfP Day. This is an event to help those who haven't presented before to build a strong proposal.

If you're thinking about presenting at a tech conference, consider attending CfP Day and then submitting to TXLF!

Logged onto Twitter to respond to a tweet and I have to say there are some voices I miss hearing on Twitter.

I love where the Fediverse is heading and I want to be a part of that, but we're not there yet.

A simple thing that would make Go infinitely better as a programming language would be if nil didn't satisfy any interfaces. This couldn't work:

It would remove a huge opportunity to create panics, and probably a significant amount of error handling code worrying about them.

The core problem in making this change is that errors are passed as nil for no error, when really there should be an errors.NoError that is checked instead.

Can't say that I'm surprised at this breakdown, but interesting to see how the world has split on a map. —

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In a lobby that has ESPN News playing and the commentators have their Instagram handles displayed instead of their Twitter ones.

Twitter has always owned sports, seems to be changing.

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A server setup for the users of to connect to the greater ActivityPub network.