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Talking with the director of IT for my town. He was talking about how they're moving to service based solutions, and one reason is that finance likes the predictable budgets.

It strikes me that we've never made this argument for OSS. Since you don't pay for versions, and only support in most cases, you'd have even and predictable payments.

Free Software isn't zero cost, but it is consistent and competitive, something finance departments everywhere can understand and love.

I also have to note that the "Share on Mastodon" button on the FSFE site is cool. I haven't seen one of those before.

It prompts for your instance and the redirects to post there.

If anyone needs some FUD, I found the delivery guy.

This is neat, glad that Collabra is sponsoring it. The real gain I see is that graphics chip vendors can release one simpler driver, hopefully increasing support for the Linux graphic stack. Hope they realize this and chip in some expertise. —

The absolute worst choice for behavior here is to deadlock. Sending to a nil channel should be a panic if anything does.

There's no recovery here, you just lose that thread forever.

Just realized that upgrading to Nextcloud 15 (from 13) has moved the logo in the "Share with me" HTML snippet for your website.

Means that mine was broken. I fixed it. If you use that, you might check to ensure the graphic still works.

I hadn't seen Mastofeed before, seems like a nice way to make it easy for folks to put their social feed on their website:

Credits go to: @fenwick67

It would be interesting if there was a programming language that would make log messages and comments interchangable at runtime.

Many times you can follow code because of the comments, but often the log messages also provide a major clue into what is happening. But, you have to choose one or the other. Being able to choose both, where you're effectively setting logging level via syntax, might encourage more readable code.

Realized that my SCALE speaker profile was still talking about my last job, so I did a quick update.

Looking in the Wayback Machine it seems it was wrong last year too. Why didn't any of you tell me?

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Help improve #Inkscape for everyone! Learn "How to Report Inkscape Bugs in GitLab" with this step-by-step video:

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We're thrilled to be the 2018 Bronze OSBAR award winner from the Open Source Business Alliance at #UniventionSummit in Bremen, Germany. Thanks to Kopano for sponsoring our prize! Silver and Gold winners were #OpenProject and #HumHub. Read more:

Grabbing an @inkscape T-shirt so that I'm ready for the upcoming hackfest in Pasadena. You can grab one for yourself too:

If you'd like to support the hackfest directly there's also information on that here:

The @nextcloud E2E folder plugin is still listed as alpha, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of traffic in the repo. Anyone using it?

I figured it'd be stable by Nextcloud 15, but just upgraded and it's still listed as alpha in the store:

Will be a while before all of this content drops out of copyright, but great to see it being made more available for when it does. I can't wait to see all the creative remixes and new content created at that time. —

Crazy. Effectively setting up a situation that if a city gets a major development in one year, their tax rate gets automatically slashed and unable to harbor the additional costs to the city. A good way to punish cities from encouraging growth. —

When writing ubuntu-geoip and pushing it into the Ubuntu Desktop I was convinced that all we needed to get interesting location usage was a consistent provider.

No one really used it in the end. The best usage was just automatically detecting timezone.

I'm not sure how we could have changed things but it still seems location is only used on devices that have built-in GPS, even though location is rarely calculated using it.

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