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Dell has these 32" 8K monitors. It would be awesome to get three of them set up with some high end video cards to run them.

Because, think how many terminal windows I could have open!

And the letters in fonts would be so smooth.

Watching the Dallas Stars on Fox Sports Southwest and they're running ads for women's USA soccer.

The ads are really kick ass.

I don't like soccer that much and I'm excited about it. Bring it on world!

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C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot; C++ makes it harder, but when you do, it blows away your whole leg. - Bjarne Stroustrup #famous #quotes

Upgraded to Android 9, and they moved the time to the left side of the screen! Annoying! But, it seems no one cares.

On Unity, we moved the close button and the Internet was on fire for a month and apparently no one cares about something they actually use being moved on a much larger platform.

Internet, Y U disappoint?

Good planning meeting for Texas Linux Fest, things are coming together, about 45 days away.

Nothing makes it more real than getting the first part of the schedule up:

If you haven't yet, also make sure to register:

Getting SEO spammers asking to be featured in my posts on the Fediverse. Guess that's a win for the Fediverse?

Assuming that the SEO value of the Fediverse in general would rank lower just because of the distributed nature of it. But, it would be interesting to try and measure. The fact that a single post can show up on multiple domains might trick the traditional search engine algorithms into valuing the links more.

Had a DNA test done, turns out I'm 1/100th Elizabeth Warren.

The setting I want on most sites that send email is: "Only on Human Action".

If someone talks with me using your chat. Or if they "friend" me. Or whatever your platform does. An email is probably reasonable.

What I don't want is your automated attempts at "increasing engagement" or encouraging "daily active use." Those are all spam to me and make me want to disable all email for your domain.

When I get too much mail you want me to blame the humans, not your platform.

Happy to hear VCs are excited about Open Source, less excited that they think Open Core is the most successful way to do it.

I find it even more interesting to hear they don't see that term as negative.

Neat that Google has the Dallas Zoo on street view. Luckily they still have the signs with maps in there so that I could find my way around.

Never thought I'd need a "You are here" designation while sitting at my desk.

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So basically Pelosi is setting the Democrats up to get the bitch smacked again because she doesn't want to listen.

The folks elected Rep. Omar for a reason. AOC handily beat an incumbent in NYC. Chitown just elected a Lori Lightfoot, a gay Black woman for mayor.

People are fucking tired of Democrats trying to appease bigots that don't give a shit about maintaining civility.

People praise Pelosi for her political acumen, but she's still tone def and ineffective in an actual fight.

'Carter said the United States was "the most warlike nation in the history of the world" due to a desire to impose American values on other countries' —

The FDA's history is in testing, so I understand why they're going this route. But, I also feel there needs to be some expert analysis of the software in a way that the FDA, and ideally any potential patient, could see the source code. —

My teen doesn't like it when I say: "Quick! Snap-gram that to show your friends you have the cool Dad!"

The most interesting thing about the Assanage arrest will be seeing whether Trump will pardon him. —

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