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Kids are asking about the Fourth of July parade in Washington DC:

"Why does Trump need a parade of tanks?"

"Well, when a man is really really insecure..."

Got a new standing desk and I'm generally adjusting to it. But now I'm happy that I can say: "I'm so agile I do stand-ups all day, every day"

Turned on Firefox WebRender yesterday. Everything seems fine.

about:config gfx.webrender.enabled true

Not sure how we'd compare, but it seems to me that Fuchsia is the most money spent by any company to avoid the GPL. —

I expect "Marginal Violence Theory" to gain prominence, the ability to convince governments to over react will become a key protesting tactic. —

I've now come full circle on this.

I realize that the real value is that they've set up a system that is basically a trap to get other VC's login details to their email. And a plausible reason to download and parse all of their email.

They've basically made an very efficient fishing attack on VCs by using "exclusivity" and a high price.

I think that I support this?

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Hey :inkscape:'ers, in August an official Inkscape forum will replace a couple older forums. Come register, look around and join in some vector-filled conversations:

I also want to say if you want most of these features you can just get Mailspring, it is great and Open Source.

Even available as a Snap maintained by the developers

Silicon valley has now given a $250M valuation to an email client with keyboard shortcuts.

No really.

And it is so much fast because... wait for it... it caches things locally and isn't delivered as a webpage.

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"Firefox Will Give You a Fake Browsing History to Fool Advertisers" by Caroline Haskins

This is actually a brilliant idea.

Seems that Linux kernel developers may soon be on the Fediverse. —

One of the benefits of an Open Source OS that isn't talked about much is being able to use new compiler security features across the entire OS.

This isn't something that makes keynote presentations, but does make users more secure.

Everyone talks about the problems with Climate Change, but never solutions. Here is one. —

Ordered a new office chair so my current one has responded by having the gas canister leak, slowly, as I sit and work.

The new one can't get here fast enough.

Wow. I'm surprised by this. And while it has big implications for independent photographers it seems like it would be a bigger deal for textbook publishers and the software industry.

If state institutions can't be sued for copyright infringement they could copy textbooks and software at will. Not even GPL'd software would be safe. There is a ton of commercial usage that is built on the back of copyright.

If you want to see all the crazy in the anti-abortion discussion, it is all on display in this article.

My favorite crazy is that the council was concerned about a statement for an article given in '91 by someone who died in '11.

To recap "Black Identity Extremism" was never really a thing, just a political ploy to use the media to fuel conservative outrage.

That's not respect for our nation's law enforcement, it is using them as political pawns.

"The longer one spends with the report, the more disturbing a document it is ... the most important question is whether this conduct should be acceptable."

Which gets to the heart of the matter. If the Senate won't hold a trial, by default it is normalized. —

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