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The problem with video chat is how much pressure I feel to decorate the wall behind me.

Perhaps "roundtables" is a step up from "thoughts and prayers," but not a very big one.

Another failure to do anything actionable about gun violence.

Got a form from my son's school asking for his birthday; month, day and year. And then "Age on Birthday".

Isn't that always zero?

Surprised when I went to Torchy's for lunch that their Bacon Bourbon Marmalade is 1,077 Calories for an ounce.

Turns out, I checked, and that's only about 1/50th as much energy per ounce as rocket fuel.

In the spirit of the "Moscow Mitch" nickname I feel like we need to repurpose the "In Soviet Russia" meme for the Senate.

In the Senate, Mitch says that YOU'RE the racist.

Spent some time in Denton, TX and was looking for places to eat. Quite enjoyed the reviews on this bakery. 🤨

My son's baseball coach wants to start practice one and a half hours before sundown.

Here I thought iCal was over-complicated; turns out it isn't complicated enough.

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Today Linux Journal shut its doors for good. All staff were laid off and the company is left with no operating funds to continue in any capacity...

Remember when the term "Artificial Intelligence" meant something.

As technologists we sometimes overstate the importance of technology. But this is hard core economic data that Internet access is important for the modern economic success. —

Now they're supposed to be for children, but taking medicine in a sugary liquid is way better than pills.

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The *official* :inkscape: forum has launched! Come start a conversation with fellow beginners, artists, designers, makers, educators, and more!

You know you're in Texas when your school district has a smoker.

Disappointed to see DART feel that diesel is "the future of transit" even when the rest of our light rail is electric. —

The section on Pascal's wager at the end of this article is a good way to understand the choices of dealing with Climate Change. Hopefully more companies start to realize they shouldn't wait for regulations to be written before getting started on planning for them. Governments move slow, but if you're not ready you'll be in an impossible situation. And, for the case of Climate Change, on an unlivable planet. —

Yes! I didn't realize the straight ticket ballots in Texas got removed, excited about this. More opportunities for candidates that don't fit in little presized boxes. —

Have some videos that I had purchased on Amazon that I'd like to download. The easiest way to get around DRM is just to play the video and record what is being played. I could do that, but not sure I want to set it all up.

Turns out that someone has done that as a cloud service. Basically for about $0.20 per video they'll spin up a cloud instance, play the video, turn it into an MPEG4 and give you a download link.

Seems to work pretty well.

Biblobus, food truck meets book store.

Wonder if that can bring books to more people. I could see it being great at school events or festivals especially.

My teenage son was complaining about a light in the bathroom being out. Seeing this as a "teachable moment" I asked: "What could you do to make the situation better?"

"Go to the bathroom in the dark?" 🤔

🙄 "Get a bulb from the cabinet and replace it. Now."

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