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Ted's rule of architecture: If you can't explain it on one whiteboard it is too complex.

Think what would happen if a yak was lost in Silicon Valley, there'd be fights over who gets to shave it. —

Love that this community meeting about our city's parks includes childcare, makes it accessible to larger portion of the community. —

Going through my old bookmarks and found this epic from 2012 "B*tches in Bookshops"

Go Austin!

I love the tone-deaf response from conservatives: "if the city wants to help women they should lower taxes." Seems they don't quite understand how pregnancy works.

I've been speaking English for over 30 years and I just used "your" instead of "you're" in an email.

I write error messages like this sometimes, though with more spelling errors. —

Socialism (n): Government run by social media

Like for Universal Health Care
Boost for Civil Rights

Creating a new account and experienced a new twist in the challenge. Security questions, but your answers can't include punctuation.

Sure hope your mother wasn't born in any of these places:

If our hurricane hits Greenland, we get to keep it. Don't blame me, I don't make the rules.

This interview with a former federal agent dealing with White Supremacy gives some good insight into what the FBI is and isn't doing to deal with it. I think it is also important how it talks about not giving the government new powers that they don't need just to solve this problem. They seem to have everything they need already. —

Neat technique, but also, a Toot that got screenshotted and posted on Twitter.

Which then got retweeted and posted back on Mastodon.

An amazing loop you got thrown in there @datatitian

Growing up near Denver the Red Rocks Amphitheater has a special place in my heart. Looks cool from above too. —

One of the most tangible pieces of evidence that Microsoft is being run much differently today than in the past. Doesn't mean they're perfect, no corporation is, but it seems they're headed in the right direction. —

Seems odd to me that futures for the British Pound for September and December 2019 are basically the same price. Whatever you think about Brexit, it seems it would cause an adjustment of the value. Are traders just confused?

Have a meeting coming up ... but my music player is really on a roll selecting songs ... I'm sure my co-workers will understand.

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