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Act like you care about the science while you're just looking at cute pictures of rats in cars. —

Insurance website has a bug, but this is one I like.

"The Book of Inkscape" is part of this Humble Bundle where the money goes to a charity of your choice.

Highly recommended book. DRM free. For charity.

Tracking down panics caused by NULL pointers is definitely the experience I want in a modern programming language. Thanks Go!

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Got my @PINE64 NAS setup with ZFS and running nicely.

The difficult part was getting spl-dkms to build (dep of zfs-dkms), which requires the instructions in this forum post:

This attitude of undermining local government that has overtaken many state (and even county) politicians aggravates me.

Not only is it trying to enact their will against the will of the local voters, but it is the same people who argue "state's rights" when the federal government does the same thing.

It is intellectually inconsistent and antidemocratic.

If your sole job is to protect and enact the constitution, and you call it "phony," seems like that is dereliction of duty. —

The problem with Google reCAPTCHA is that when I get it wrong, it doesn't tell me what I got wrong. How do I get better at being human?

Taking my son to an event where I had to wait (taxi dad) and so I did an hour of Street Complete. Got fifty ⭐'s and had a really nice walk.

Short descriptions of the constitutional amendments on the ballot this year. If you're a Texan, get informed and go vote! —

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art help request (SVG) 

What is a good way to create a "wrap around" look in InkScape?

I have a very simple path of a face, and two crossed rectangle paths representing bandages. The edges of the rectangles are already skewed from rotating.

Maybe "difference" between the face, and the rectangles?

Was wearing my EFF J.P. Barlow memorial T-shirt the other day.

"Oh, I didn't know J.P. Barlow was dead!?!"
"I'm sorry you had to find out this way"

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It's time for our "About Screen" Contest for Inkscape version 1.0! We're excited to see your artwork! The Contest runs from today, Oct. 7, until Nov. 17. Read more about the contest details here: :inkscape: 🖌️

Saw "Spider-man: Away from Home" and the bad guys were a bunch of disgruntled engineers with some amazing technology. Had a hard time cheering against them.

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