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Just a lawsuit at this point, but if it turns out to be true it shows a extreme effort to limit freedom of the press in the US. —

Started rsync cloning a directory from a remote host accidentally in my home directory.


Never use "./" as your target with rsync kids.

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“The technology behind the internet is not incompatible with our rights, but the business model Facebook and Google have chosen is.”

Yep, that’s Amnesty International saying that.

Perhaps we can get the military logistics folks more interested in Open Source too. Being able to fundamentally adjust functionality of devices in critical situations could be a strategic advantage. —

At a Starbucks so old it has gendered restrooms!

Saw a TV with Fox News and they weren't discussing how Starbucks cups are waging a War on Christmas.

Seems like no one cares about tradition anymore.

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Why is it that the people who are wrong have so much more energy?

Lived in Texas long enough that I'm now annoyed when a spell checker doesn't have "ya'll" in its dictionary.

Normally, this isn't something I'd post on social media. But all the reviews say that the plugin options aren't widely know about in the US. Trying to publicize them some more in my own small way.

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Over the last ten years I've driven about 8,000 miles per year. Which is just less than 25 miles a day. Clearly there are days that are spikes, the standard deviation is probably 10, but I'm hoping those numbers show that it is reasonable to expect that most of my travels will be electric from now on. To the future!

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Got a new (to me) car that is a plug-in hybrid that I'm excited about. It has a forty mile electric range, which I expect to cover most of my travels. I'm hoping it turns into a 95% electric car for about half the cost. It's a Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid.

My alarm clock is old and has an auto daylight savings feature that doesn't seem to work anymore. So last week I switched the timezone to make the time read correctly.

Today it switched for daylight savings.

Stoked that the new voting machines in my area do all the input on a touch screen, and then print the results on a paper ballot. That paper is then transfered to a separate counting machine. Good stuff. Easy to audit.

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Perhaps if people won't believe scientists that climate change is happening, they'll believe wine makers having to adjust centuries old processes. —

Act like you care about the science while you're just looking at cute pictures of rats in cars. —

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