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The more I think about this problem, the more I'm convinced that contextual advertising is really the key thing to advocate for. Behavioral advertising and tracking of users just creates a whole litany of issues.

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Online advertising effectively whitewashes the relationship between the advertiser and the content though an algorithm.

On TV, companies can remove their ads from a show that is socially repugnant. There isn't an option to not have your ad show when other content is in the feed next to it.

Effectively this removes a point of leverage to make our society better.

I'm not going to put social media snark in this post.
I'm not going to put social media snark in this post.
I'm not going to put social media snark in this post. —

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I have ADHD, or as it’s known in the Unix world, “focus follows mouse”

Have to agree that you can't say that you support law enforcement if you're not working to get guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. —

Didn't realize that Discourse is considering adding ActivityPub support.

I think that ActivityPub starts to get really interesting when non-social networking style apps start to share data on it.

Manipulating faults through adjusting the processor voltage. Dude. I'm not sure how you design a processor that isn't susceptible to that type of attack.

It seems for secure computing we need to start applying the "onion" concept to hardware, ensuring that features are carried out on physically separate chips. —

Test error on line 420. Woah. Was someone high when they wrote this?

Dispatching social workers for many 911 calls is a good idea, with promising early results. Hopefully more police departments will look at similar programs. —

As someone who is opposed to building a wall that the border officials don't think is useful, I am excited that Kushner is now in charge of it. —

Wonder if we did this lineup with the majority of Americans if they could identify who's hogging resources in our economy. —

AppImage provides the same application experience we've long decried on proprietary OSes.

No security updates. No confinement. Bundled dependencies the author probably doesn't understand.

Disappointed in how many people are excited by it and forget history.

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Thanks for sharing another beta for Inkscape ! I could run new test on fonts, RTL, on random SVG from Pepper&Carrot.

So far, all good! Even [ar] RTL

(oh and dark theme + symbolic icons looks really cool; I'm not used to them but I'll quickly adopt)

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The first round of votes are in!

Thanks to the 96 Inkscape artists for their 124 entries and the almost 600 community members who took the time to cast a vote!

Drum roll, please...

Congratulations to our Community's Top 5 Finalists in the #Inkscape version 1.0 About Screen Contest!

And they are...
#5 Rania Amina,
#4 Dismecha,
#3 Bayu Aji,
#2 Bożena Augustyn, &
#1 Bayu Rizaldhan Rayes!

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