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Pepperwood West (HighHill) Sonoma located at 38.578201,-122.705902. Altitude: 769m

Why yes, of course installing Tux Typing involved fixing a GRUB script. The year of the Linux Desktop is 2020.

Perot Science Museum is doing a live stream with local experts on COVID-19 and the response in Dallas.

Worried that when I'm at the store the person checking me out could have a virus and pass it to me via the change. How does one launder money?

Google wasn't helpful. Not sure how bitcoin is supposed to help here.

My life insurance company emailed to give some advice for staying healthy and avoiding the coronavirus. 😂

TIL: ZFS mounts have a ".zfs" directory at their root that includes all the snapshots. It doesn't show up with a "ls -a" but you can navigate into it.

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Here's the Libre Graphics track at Scale18x in Pasadena last weekend, starts with my talk about #godotengine, #VR, and space stations, then continues with talks about 3-d printing, making video tutorials, and a libre graphics roundup. A couple more days, it might have been canceled. Wash your hands!

Advice is that you blow your nose in a tissue and throw it away. Wouldn't it be less infectious if we threw it in a toilet and flushed it? Why don't we do that?

Worried about COVID-19? Now there's a handy guide to help with denial. —

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@Curator @Krita @glimpse @inkscape @Blender

And you can attend a yearly meeting where users and developers get together for a few days to discuss, code, share research and tell stories around these beloved tools.

It's called the #LibreGraphicsMeeting, #LGM for short. This year, it will be in Rennes, France.


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Of course there are also kickass FREE open source illustration/digital art software in #Krita and #Glimpse:


And vector illustration software #Inkscape:


Try a few different things and see what works best for you! :bob_ross:

#MastoArt #Art #DigitalArt #FOSS

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I've always thought that gorp was a regional term from Colorado (it was what I've always used) but it seems to go back further than that. —

Still thinking about Dr. Paul Vixie's keynote at on DNS, and specifically his dislike of DoH.

While it definitely takes a tool out of the hands of those who can protect their networks, it probably makes sense as a default for those who can't.

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Yosemite West Mariposa located at 37.657021,-119.77253. Altitude: 1487m

I find the idea that brands should compensate for government failure to be dystopian. —

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