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Sad explanation of what works on corporate social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. I don't want a president that is successful on either. —

Happy that the Inkscape 1.0rc1 made it to webshit weekly. —

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Announcing airbreak, a toolkit to jailbreak inexpensive CPAP machines to turn them into emergency #COVID19 ventilators by unlocking all operational modes and allowing custom software extensions.

Looking at the map of where the Inkscape Snap is installed. In most countries, but missing a few. Anyone got a Linux Desktop in: Mauritania, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Congo, Tajikistan, Papua New Guinea or Greenland that can help out?

What I hope that Apple and Google learn from this pandemic is that even though they both had able video conferencing solutions they failed to make them cross platform so an upstart came in and became the default video tool. No accounts to create or friction to the experience.

Trying to force everyone into their ecosystem meant no one came.

Coronavirus Pandemic 2020: When Boomers realized they can use video conferencing.

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Stable Inkscape 0.92.5 released!

A fonts issue for Windows 10 users has been fixed, while Python extensions now also run with Python 3. In addition to this, we fixed many crashes and made a couple small improvements.

Learn more & download it here:

Brisket fail. Done in the smoker after all the kids are in bed.

Add an AdGuard Home DNS server to my network. What surprised me the most is that my household makes over 300,000 DNS lookups a day.

Identifying vulnerable populations by looking at long term data and aligning that with novel coronavirus shows the overarching problem that inequality creates. —

Remembering when the Heron SVG would bring Inkscape to its knees on a laptop. Great graphic by Ken Wimer. —

OH: Don't let your dreams be memes

Hot take: Tor hidden services are like Bitcoin for DNS.

Didn't realize that I've been using some classic Scottish all this time. —

This could also describe the stages you go through when reading and understanding the GDPR requirements on user data retention. —

If you find an issue that messes up your work, you can go back to 0.92.4 by switching back to the stable channel:

$ snap refresh --channel=latest/stable inkscape

So it should be relatively low risk to try out the newer version.

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