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Wow, love that I mistyped "type" in this post. A mistake, but it fits.

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Got a new keyboard last week. Still can't time my password correctly on the first try. Ask me anything. Unless it involves typing.

While they probably didn't commit a crime, this should be criminal. Intimidating a black church on a Sunday. If any of the flags flown at this "rally" are ones you believe in, realize the company you keep. —

I support deaf people getting high quality access to information on the spread of sars-cov-2, just not sure an ASL interpretor at Trump's briefings will get them that. —

Immigrants are now "disappearing" without anyone seemingly able to track them. Using the COVID19 crisis as an excuse to punish children seeking asylum. —

In the middle of a pandemic we can't properly track cases because the president wanted to give a corrupt contract to a friend who was incompetent. —

The bill is one thing, but I'm more inspired by people in congress seeing that science has been a key part of America's success in the last fifty years. Hopefully having those with the mics supporting science will push back towards a more fact based dialog in the US. —

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@federicomena On the plus side, lots of scanners magically work over the network now with Linux with no fuss, no setup, no additional drivers — once this one is installed:

People are working on getting this into SANE by default. Meanwhile, just install it and things work like magic.

Prebuilt packages are even on the OBS:

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Plan to join us on Sat., Aug. 1 for session 4 of Inkscape's Summer of Hackfest 2020 on Team Vectors Day! Learn about contributing content, attend our Vectors meeting & learn about Website Next project. See you Sat. at 16:00 UTC. More Hackfest info:

One COVID19 statistic that seems easy to get but no one has is how long test results are taking to report. Date in vs. date out of the labs.

Would show how overwhelmed the testing labs are, which seems to be significant in managing outbreaks.

I support the "chihuahua" becoming an international unit of measure. —

Not sure where the incomplete data is, but it seems according to the data published there four hospital regions are completely out of ICU beds. B, J, K and R. Covering about 2.5M people.

There are beds elsewhere in the state, but not a good sign.

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Thanks Coronavirus Task Force for playing with reporting. From Texas Dept. of Health:

"DSHS is reporting incomplete hospitalization numbers today due to a transition in reporting to comply with new federal requirements."

A brochure for Trump's secret police: "It's not just judicial — it's EXTRAjudicial" —

Wow. Comes down to if someone has the data, you have to imagine they'll use it. Do you love your corporate GMail? —

When typing in a code editor the text is colorized based on the type of token. Seems like a similar thing could be done for English? Color different parts of speech (verb, adverb, adjective, etc.) and diagram the sentence on the fly.

Has anyone tried that before? Did people write better with it?

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Plan to join us on Sat., July 25 for session 3 of Inkscape's Summer of Hackfest 2020 on Team Developers Day! Participate in a technical discussion with Thomas Holder & a peer code review of existing merge requests. See you Sat. at 16:00 UTC:

My youngest son is turning ten tomorrow. I told him: "I'll miss you being nine." He found this hilarious. I smiled and enjoyed his laughter.

Hope these paper bottles work as well as they look. Removing plastic bottles from consumer products could have a significant impact on overall plastic waste. —

If you're properly social distancing, no one can smell you fart.

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