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Surprised how humanizing these pictures were and how interesting the final statements were. Some funny, some thoughtful, but all human. Hopefully moves some more folks to oppose the death penalty in the US. —

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Plan to join us Sat., Aug. 15 for session 6 of Inkscape's Summer of Hackfest 2020 on Team Testing Day! Meet Inkscape's Bug Wranglers & Testing Team. Catch discussions on migration, blockers & action. See you Sat. at 16:00 UTC.
More Hackfest info:

The interesting complication I didn't expect about the kids having school virtually at home is that they have different lunch times.

Gonna start referring to Git as my "source control blockchain." Send money to get in on my Series A.

Made cinnamon rolls to celebrate the first day of school. My kids didn't feel like it was something to celebrate. Had to explain that I'm the one celebrating.

I didn't realize that advertisers had word block lists for their ads. As a result, it probably lowered BLM protest coverage: "CNN reports ... BLM and protests was affected in particular, monetized 57% lower than other news content." —

DSPs are black boxes today, but there is no reason they have to be. Hopefully vulnerabilities like these will push the industry to change. —

American greatness was created through decreasing inequality. We need to keep going.

"The Chicago and Stanford economists calculated that the simple, radical act of reducing discrimination against those groups was responsible for more than 40 percent of the country’s per-worker economic growth after 1960. It’s the reason the country could sustain rapid growth with low unemployment, yielding rising wages for everyone, including white men without college degrees."

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Hey freedom-loving mastodonians! My #GUADEC presentation on Freelancing with Free Software is now on YouTube:

Check it out. #CreativeFreedom #ArtWithOpenSoruce

Wow, love that I mistyped "type" in this post. A mistake, but it fits.

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Got a new keyboard last week. Still can't time my password correctly on the first try. Ask me anything. Unless it involves typing.

While they probably didn't commit a crime, this should be criminal. Intimidating a black church on a Sunday. If any of the flags flown at this "rally" are ones you believe in, realize the company you keep. —

I support deaf people getting high quality access to information on the spread of sars-cov-2, just not sure an ASL interpretor at Trump's briefings will get them that. —

Immigrants are now "disappearing" without anyone seemingly able to track them. Using the COVID19 crisis as an excuse to punish children seeking asylum. —

In the middle of a pandemic we can't properly track cases because the president wanted to give a corrupt contract to a friend who was incompetent. —

The bill is one thing, but I'm more inspired by people in congress seeing that science has been a key part of America's success in the last fifty years. Hopefully having those with the mics supporting science will push back towards a more fact based dialog in the US. —

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@federicomena On the plus side, lots of scanners magically work over the network now with Linux with no fuss, no setup, no additional drivers — once this one is installed:

People are working on getting this into SANE by default. Meanwhile, just install it and things work like magic.

Prebuilt packages are even on the OBS:

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Plan to join us on Sat., Aug. 1 for session 4 of Inkscape's Summer of Hackfest 2020 on Team Vectors Day! Learn about contributing content, attend our Vectors meeting & learn about Website Next project. See you Sat. at 16:00 UTC. More Hackfest info:

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